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  1. jsf0656

    intex pool liner conversion kit!

    i have found this on this would be a great replacement option for anyone who has the blue intex pool with the white round frame who has a torn liner, however it does not work with the ultra frame pools. boy if someone could figure out something that would go over the ultra frame...
  2. jsf0656

    humidity and evaporation

    we are having some very high humidity and temps this year and it seems like i'm seeing a greater water loss this year than last year. dont have a leak that i can find yet i'm losing about 1/4 to 1/2'' a day. temps are running in the 90's and humidities are 70-90 % each day. i live in south...
  3. jsf0656

    making the move away from intex

    i've decided to switch from a intex pool to a steel wall pool. i've thought and thought about it and i think its time to make the move. while intex was a great learning experience i'm ready for something that last quite a bit longer than the intex that rusted out in 3 years. now i'm looking for...
  4. jsf0656

    new 18x52'' pool...........will not be using SWG!

    my 16x48'' intex pool that i put up in 2010 has rusted severely to the point that i had to take it down. it would not have lasted another year. i was using the intex SWG and while it works great i have come to the conclusion that the salt is the culprit. i will post some pics soon of the damage...
  5. jsf0656

    new intex size at walmart!

    i saw a 26x52 intex ultra frame pool tonite at wally world. the cost is a grand but only had a 2500 gal pump. horribly insufficient for sure for that size pool. thought i would inform all the intex fans about it! :party: :whoot: :cheers:
  6. jsf0656

    does anyone know what happened to mark aka crookm11?

    i've been posting a couple of years now since i got a intex pool for the grandkids and every since last summer this guy has vanished from the forum. he was a inspiration to me in doing the things i have done with my intex pool. just wondering if anyone knew why he stopped posting or what...
  7. jsf0656

    looking to upgrade pump and filter....but

    dont know which would be better. right now i have the 2000 gal/hr intex which came with my 16x48 ultra frame w/SWG. i am looking at the 4000 gal/hr pump or the .95 HP 2100 gal/hr intex sand filter/pump. any suggestions on which would be the best improvement! thanks
  8. jsf0656

    intex pool section

    in the above ground pool section there has been alot of talk about needing a area devoted to the intex pools and there are already many pages and views and quite a few post as well regarding these pools. just wondering if this was possible since there seems to be quite a bit of interest?
  9. jsf0656

    intex pool and deck build

    here is my intex 16x48 ultra frame setup:[attachment=2:3v6q2w4j]59481.jpg[/attachment:3v6q2w4j][attachment=1:3v6q2w4j]45835.jpg[/attachment:3v6q2w4j][attachment=0:3v6q2w4j]39157.jpg[/attachment:3v6q2w4j]
  10. jsf0656

    skimmer install on intex ultra frame

    hello everyone, i'm installing a thru the wall skimmer on my intex ultra frame pool 16x48 and need some clarification on a couple of things. first, what do i do with the outlet connection since i will have the skimmer hose going to the inlet on the pump and second if i need to apply silicone to...
  11. jsf0656

    grandpa's getting a pool!

    hello everyone, i just ordered a new intex 16x48 ultra frame pool package with the SWG for my grandkids from in the swim, and would like to say hello and i'm going to need some help learning about pool maintenance from the experts on here. this is a great site that i've been visiting for awhile...