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  1. dw9000

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow

    Menards pool shock B1G1 starting tomorrow May 17 12.5% strength No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels For above or inground swimming pools 1 gallon Made in USA
  2. dw9000

    Chemicals for closing

    So I ordered up two quarts of polyquat from,, wow was that a mistake. Its been 3 weeks and no shipment. They had no problem charging my CC 3 weeks ago and now they won't even respond to my inquiries. I am going to have my CC refund the money and I will buy it elsewhere.
  3. dw9000

    First easy opening for me

    Well this is my 3rd year opening. First two weren't so good, this one was smooth sailing. I think the key for me was two things, one I let the pool water stay normal. I used the skimmer plastic lids & gizmo. Previous years I drained a foot or two and by the time I opened the liner was...
  4. dw9000

    Stainless steel SR Smith pool ladders

    I have two SR Smith pool ladders. Last year when I pulled the ladders out, I noticed a rough sort of calcium coating on the ladders. I pulled them out of the pool and laid them along the side. I was out and about this afternoon and I noticed the outer coating, is now a crisp flaking type...
  5. dw9000

    Installed my Loop Loc today

    Well I got the pool winterized and installed a new safety cover. Boy, drilling those 3/4" holes in cement deck was a pain. Took me almost the whole day but it looks good.
  6. dw9000

    Heat wave

    Well its 90 degrees here in the northern ohio area,, suppose to be like this for another 5-7 days. Sure am glad i didn't close her up yet.
  7. dw9000

    Algae and ear issues

    This is my 3rd summer for the pool. Previous two summers I didn't have any water issues. This year we had some cooler temps in late June and a few big rains. I neglected to keep the FC up, probably only added 1/2 gal of bleach every few days. Well I got some surface algae in the lower...
  8. dw9000

    Water crystal clear but brownish/green ring around the bottom of the pool

    This is my 3rd summer with my pool, and i made the mistake of not covering it last fall and I had a real mess this spring. I don't know if that has anything to do with my current problem. I had some brownish/green 'growth' around the perimeter of my pool, at the base of the wall and the floor...
  9. dw9000

    Fighting constant high PH

    Seems like every 5-7 days my PH is going above 8.0,, the red is at or above the highest red mark on my TF-100 ph test tube. I add the appropriate amount of muratic acid (according to pool school),, check it the next day and its down around 7.2-7.4. I have 3 returns that I had pointed a bit...
  10. dw9000

    TF 100 R00013 refill?

    Can somebody tell me where I can buy some more of the resurgent R0013 for the TF 100 water testing kit?
  11. dw9000

    Water cleared, low readings

    I took a pH and FC sample, had almost no chlorine and about 7.8 to 8 pH. I added 2 gals of bleach. I took a reading 6 hrs later and the FC was up to about 4. Today I took another reading, and the FC is close to 1. I took the CYA,, and it is about 26 (according to the black dot test)...
  12. dw9000

    Poolmath app for smartphone

    Any plans to build a poolmath app ?
  13. dw9000

    First time pool opening

    I pulled the cover off my pool a couple weeks ago, we've had some cooler temps but the forecast calls for 50s-70s the next 10 days. The water was clear when I pulled the cover off, I threw in a gal of bleach then we had the cooler temps 30s-40s, ran the pump for about 24hrs Now the water is a...
  14. dw9000

    Floor drain cover

    I have twin drains in the floor of my pool, my pool depth is only about 5ft deep. These drains have a dome type head on them, and walking across the pool you could stub your toe on them, does anyone know if they make a lower profile cover that might work? Any other ideas?
  15. dw9000

    Latham pool winter cover

    Anyone have any experience with Latham pool covers?
  16. dw9000

    Suggestions of on-line loop-loc dealer

    I am looking at buying a loop-loc pool cover, can anyone recommend a good on-line dealer? My guess is I will have to fill out the form and have them custom sew one for me. I will also do the installation. Any suggestions? Decent price on loop-loc? I assume they will be pricey, but looking...
  17. dw9000

    Pool school and Poolmath question

    Ok, I struggled this year keeping my pool water in check. I am going to take a crack at learning how to use this poolmath. The poolmath link says to first estimate your pool volume. My pool is 22x32x4.5 so about 24,500 gals. Next I see the recommended levels for a vinyl bleach pool FC...
  18. dw9000

    Algaecide 60% Non-Foaming - added to pool,drain off 6 inches into pond with fish?

    I wanted to get my algecide into the pool and run the pump for 24 hrs, so I've added it. Now I am going to drain off about 6-10" to get below skimmer intakes (to winterize) Will it be ok if I drain that water into my near by pond with fish in it? The pond is about 1 acre in size so I wouldn't...
  19. dw9000

    CLeaned my filter for the first time

    Well my pool has been in operation for right around 45 days, and I noticed the pressure of the returns was much less than in the past. I also noticed the pump 'filter window' had a lot of bubbles in it, like at startup. I took the top off the filter housing and it was filthy, from some fence /...
  20. dw9000

    New pool - can't hold chlorine levels

    \ Well I finally got my pool filled 23,500 gals. I added a gal of 10% bleach during the fill. Checked both chlorine and PH using the little blue daily kit from my TF100. The chlorine didn't register nor did much PH. I added a box of borax, brought the PH up. I added another gal of 10%...
  21. dw9000

    New pool startup

    I've read numerous articles, used the poolcalculator, read the pool school articles,, maybe its information overload, maybe I'm just slow. I have a 27,000 gal pool. The liner is suppose to be installed this week, they will be filling with aprox 13,000 just to get the liner in. So once I get...
  22. dw9000

    Prior to liner should I use the foam 5" floor coving?

    I am debating on using floor / wall coving. Looks easy to install. Is there a big benefit to not having a 90' angle between the floor and wall? Will it be a lot easier to keep clean? Easy on the feet while you are in the pool? Any substantial benefit? This is the kinds of stuff...
  23. dw9000

    Pool liner install first or Concrete Decking

    I am about ready for the liner to be installed, I have 2 days to finish up the vermiculite floor, than call the pool company to do the final measure. They said 2-3 weeks and than they will install so likely around July 4th I should have water in the pool. I was originally going to hold off on...
  24. dw9000

    Pool slope to drains

    I am putting in a 33x22 foot constant depth about 52 inches deep. I am putting in a vermiculite floor soon, I was hoping to just do the floor even through the entire pool, so the depth would be 52 in every spot, except where the drain covers will sit above the 'floor height'. I had a local...
  25. dw9000

    Recommended pool pad size 4x5?

    What would be the ideal size for a pool pad - would 3x4 do or would 4x5 work better?. I don't expect ever putting in a heater, so it would just be the pump & filter. I planned on piping the 2" PVC (3 returns, 1 drain & 2 skimmers) just in front of the pad using 4 Jandy valves. But don't want...
  26. dw9000

    Filling new pool with well water?

    Does anyone see any issue with filling my 25k gal pool with well water? I have a well & pump dedicated for outdoor watering and such, so it does not go through the softener. High pressure, so it would fill it over night - I think. I do have a high iron water content, and of course I would...
  27. dw9000

    Pump sizing question

    I did some searching, found a number of threads on this exact topic and the overwhelming advice seems to be go smaller not bigger. My pool is 33x22, average 5 foot deep, I plan on doing two skimmers and two (maybe three returns). No pool vac, no waterfalls, no spa. Unfortunately I bought a...
  28. dw9000

    Flex PVC vs Ridgid PVC

    I was originally going to go with sched 40 2" ridgid PVC for my pool drains, skimmer & returns. I spoke with a pool plumber today and he suggested I use the flexible sched 40 PVC. Said it won't crack as easy if under the concrete in 3 years things settle (which they shouldn't, but if they do)...
  29. dw9000

    Concrete deck & expansion joint

    I am building a new inground pool, approx 18 x 36, vinyl liner. I am going to have the concrete guys poor a 12x36 deck on the north side of the pool for lounging, sun bathing, etc. Then around the rest of the pool a narrow 3 foot walk way. The concrete is going to be poured right up to the...
  30. dw9000

    Advice on a pool ladder

    I am building a pool, approx 20x35. Standard rectangle, about 5 foot deep. I am looking at ladders and the SR Smith Commercial ladders have caught my eye. Expensive, but seem heavy duty. Unfortunately I do not have stairs, so instead I am going to install 2 ladders and I want something that...