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    Our $100-ish fountain

    I bought three adjustable brass nozzles from Amazon for about $10 each, and used a Pentair valve, plus some PVC/glue for our fountain. We leave it off most of the time, but if we have people over, I just turn the valve on. The water noise is loud if it is early morning and just out there by...
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    Suggestion for Construction forum

    Humor me for a minute... Click on the Construction forum, and you see all the construction posts, as it currently is. In addition, have three sub-forums, one for vinyl, one for fiberglass, and one for gunite/shotcrete where one can go to look at only that type of construction. As a pool fan...
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    Dolphin Active20 - cycle time less than an hour

    Dolphin Active20 starts, and runs great for 30-60 minutes, then stops. Aside from stopping early, it does everything great...climbs walls, cleans waterline, etc. I have checked every moving part, no debris, no twisted hair, nothing. Thing is cleaner than a whistle. It is eight weeks old. Found...
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    IC40 low salt readings

    Taylor test kit shows 3200 ppm, water temp 91 degrees, chlorine levels and pH are good. IC40 shows low salt (red light). It is two days old...
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    Non-slip concrete sealer

    I put this in Under Construction because it seems generally applicable...the guy that poured our coping/deck sealed it last fall and it is as slick as an ice skating rink. Need to fix this asap, but not sure the best option. More sealer with some sort of grit mixed in? Strip off the sealant? Not...
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    Which salt to buy?

    Seems like Clorox salt is not ideal...what brand(s) are good? Walmart, HD, Lowes, and Sams are all close, and we also have a Fox pools I drive by every day.
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    Pool heating plan/strategy

    I realize that most people do not try to heat 40 degree water up to 85 so they can swim in the winter. What is your heating plan/strategy? Im wondering where the main expense in heating is...I am going to assume that the initial heating (so bumping the water temp from 60 to 80) is the most...
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    Using my TF100

    FC= 5.5ppm CC = 0.5ppm Total chlorine - very yellow, guessing 5+, based on 5.5 plus 0.5 that sounds about right CH = 100 ppm TA = between 90 and 100, I couldn't really tell for sure PH = 7.2 to 7.5, kinda in-between CYA = I filled up the tube entirely, so has to be less than 20 Pool looks nice...
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    Adding SWG

    I built our pool last year, and went with the Pentair Easy Touch 4, non-salt version. I have since decided to add SWG, Intellichlor IC40, and trying to decide which option. 1. Buy IC40 cell and power center 2. Buy Easy Touch 4, salt version, and then sell the one I have now 3. Buy new...
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    Would appreciate advice for a pool cleaner, Dolphin series

    I just need some help deciding...seems like the S200 or S300 would be a good choice, although each of these has an "Active" version, and I can't actually find any differences either on the breakdown link on this forum, or on Maytronic website. Needs/wants: I want to drop it in the pool at...
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    Pump, prime, and waterfall in the skimmer

    Dual speed whisperflo and a cartridge filter, and equipment pad above the water line. I have skimmer followed by pentair check valve (vertical), union, and pump. The check valve and union are within 24" of the pump. No other check valves in the system. When I start it in low speed, the pump...
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    Are you an empath? Empaths love water/nature, and pets

    LOL...I hope that does not come across too odd, but empaths love water, nature, and pets. My wife is a pediatric occupational therapist and she works primarily with children that have sensory issues. She and I are both empaths big time, and we absolutely love being in or around water, and have...
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    Pool covers for heating

    I bought a $100 solar cover for our pool for short-term, but thinking about a nicer cover. For winter, I intend to blow out the lines and winterize equipment, but leave pool open. My kids and I are outside playing soccer, basketball, or football pretty much every night year-round, and I want the...
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    Deck Jets

    Who has deck jets? Love them, hate them, or eh whatever? I plumbed our pool so I can add them, or some other sort of water feature. About $150 on Amazon for a set of four. I only need two. I was also thinking about just DIY building something. Sprinkler heads are $10 each and have a variety of...
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    GFCI Double Pole breaker and dual speed 220V motor

    Pentair Whisperflo dual speed 220V motor has three connections...Load 1, High Speed, Low Speed. The High/Low speed lines come from the Pentair two speed motor relay. The Load 1 comes from the Filter/Pump relay in my EasyTouch. There seems to be no connection for a neutral. The Siemens 20A GFCI...
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    Pentair EasyTouch knockouts

    I assume that knockouts is a generic term, and I actually need a hole saw? Doesnt seem to be any way to "knock out".
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    Heater selection

    I have the Pentair Easy Touch panel, a pentair pump, and am leaning towards a Pentair heater. Pool size is 16x36, ball parking a little under 20k gallons. Pentair MasterTemp is what I am looking at, the 300k BTU natural gas version. Any other heaters that play nice with the Easy Touch that I...
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    Light depth

    I have three of the smaller LED lights that fit in a 1.5" return. It is a vinyl pool with steel walls. Shallow end is 40" deep, and I want to put the lights 20" deep, midway down the wall. Good idea, or bad?
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    Solar vs. Gas heating

    I have been set on a gas heater, and then I ran across somebody talking about the Heliocol solar panels. We have a covered patio, with a roof that is pitched about 15 degrees (so almost flat) that gets full sun from sunrise until about 6pm. Dimensions are 30' x 25' ish. We live in Middle TN and...
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    Pentair EasyTouch wiring question

    I have a Pentair EasyTouch. This will drive a 2-speed Pentair Dynamo pump, a transformer for 12V LED pool lights, a 120V outlet, and in the fall will be adding gas heater. Two questions: 1. I am planning on running the 240V wire from the main panel in my garage, through my attic (about 65')...
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    Four "home runs" versus a loop

    The guy who is going to do my liner recommended that I have a single loop for all four returns. Go all the way around the pool, with a tee to each return, and a single output from the filter. The exact opposite would seem to be four separate home runs, one for each. In terms of flow, I don't see...
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    DIY (mostly) inground vinyl 16x36

    So here we go. I found a local pool guy that works with his son and a couple other guys, and he was quite willing to let me DIY most of it, while helping me order things and basically make sure I don't mess anything up. The bigger guys wanted to do turn-key, and I am a DIY'er at heart. 16'x36'...
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    New build and need some help with equipment

    Plan: 4 returns and 1 skimmer Two speed pentair pump Cartridge filter 4 small lights using the 1.5" fittings Gas heater I have little desire to "tinker"...I just want things that work and are simple. My parents pool had a single switch for the pump, no lights. Was ridiculously simple. I am...
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    Shotcrete vs. Vinyl ...Owner Build

    I am trying to decide between a 16x32 rectangle with 6" radius corners and full width vinyl over steel steps, versus roughly the same dimensions shotcrete, but not exactly identical, probably add a couple things that can be added with a concrete pool that are not really possible with vinyl. I...
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    Mini-pool for starters

    I built my mini-pool when my son was two. Now he is 7 and has two younger brothers (5 and 2.5) and we are planning on a bigger pool. This is a 10' diameter polyethelene livestock tank. I plumbed it and have a nice pump/filter to keep it clean. This pool has been awesome, cost less than $1k...