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  1. Uncle Salty

    Treasure Garden Vega L Light

    Just curious if any Treasure Garden owners have purchased the Vega light and what y’all think of it. I’m debating on purchasing a couple for my umbrellas. Also if you have the Halo version I’d be interested in hearing about it as well, not interested in the Luna as I have no use for the...
  2. Uncle Salty

    Cleaning SWG & Solution Disposal

    Just wondering if most use something like the Hayward GLX Cell cleaning stand or how they clean their cell and also what are y’all doing with the solution when cleaning is complete. Salty
  3. Uncle Salty

    Leaf Net Recommendations

    Hey y’all, First “winter” with pool and plan on only using my solar cover and adding a leaf net to keep leaves out, any recommendations on a good quality net and where to buy from? Also Aqua Blocks or Water Bags any opinions on either? Salty
  4. Uncle Salty

    Finally done! Well Almost.

    This pool has been a long long journey, especially for a simple vinyl build. Signed contract September 16, pool had water in it late February. Hurricane Matthew caused the majority of the problems due to tree damage, 2 large oaks fell and crushed the pool wall and also crushed both are vehicles...
  5. Uncle Salty

    Sense and Dispense Calibration

    I got a email notification this morning via my AquaPlus Automation saying my PH was high which surprised me as it usually never budges form 7.5. Pull it up on my phone via AquaConnect and it's reading PH at 8.3! I immediately go out to my equipment pad and the Stenner pump is cycling acid...
  6. Uncle Salty

    Higher TA and Borates

    I see it's recommended to lower your TA prior to adding Borates but I'm wondering what the implications are if you add them with a high TA level? Here are my numbers: FC-8 CC-0 PH-7.5 TA-170 CH-70 CYA-70 Water temp-85* Salt-3100 This gives me a CSI of -.55 according to Pool Math, which is...
  7. Uncle Salty

    Bees loving the pool

    Our pool has been completed since early February and we haven't even used it yet but the bees apparently think it's pretty great! I noticed them a couple weeks ago hanging all over my ladder and sitting on the solar cover, probably 75-100 at a time. I pulled the ladder thinking that would deter...
  8. Uncle Salty

    Test Kit Comparison

    So I have been using the Lamotte ColorQ Pro 11 since my pool was completed a couple months ago and have been happy with the ease of use and it seems to be consistent but I'm more concerned with accuracy. I needed Borate strips tonight and well shopping at TFT curiosity got the best of me so I...
  9. Uncle Salty

    Pollen affecting CC results?

    Just curious if the high amounts of pollen can affect test results regarding CC? I read that if your CC measures higher than .5 it's a indicator of issues, however my water is crystal clear other than you can see pollen collecting along the walls. Does this call for a slam or just let it run its...
  10. Uncle Salty

    Recording Test Results

    Just curious if y'all are keeping history on your test results and what you're using? Is there a app available or some kind of excel spreadsheet available online or are most just keeping a journal of some sort? Am I overthinking the whole thing.
  11. Uncle Salty

    Skimmer Vacuum Question

    I've had my pool up and running since Monday but during the fill process and not having my cover in place right away I have accumulated quite a few leaves in the bottom. I used the leaf net to get out what I could but that's some tough work getting those suckers out with the pole extended. I...
  12. Uncle Salty

    First Test Today

    Pool has been in my hands since Monday and it was a beautiful day around 78* so I popped my cover off and did my first test, results: FC - 3.4 PH - 7.4 TA - 65 CH - 60 CYA - 30 Water temp - 62* Should I be concerned with the CYA at 30? I realistically won't actually use the pool for at least...
  13. Uncle Salty

    First Time Pool Owner

    Hey y'all, this is my first time owning a pool and we finally added the salt today. I was surprised it took 16 40lb bags, hopefully we'll get to take the first plunge next week weather permitting(temps like a yoyo here). Looking forward to learning from all the knowledgeable members here. Best...