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    Wireless Controller

    Am I able to add wireless connection to my equipment? I want to be able to turn on/off pool pump and heat pump from my phone or remote control. I can snap more pictures if needed. Thx
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    Calcium target

    I just noticed the CH recommended levels here on TFP changed recently. With the delta between low/high of 450, I'm not too sure what my target should be. Should I pick any number between 250-650? Like the mid range ok? My test results as of 5 minutes ago: FC 4 pH 8.0+ TA 120 CH 230 CYA 40 My...
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    Frog in pool

    Sorry if this was asked previously. Is it normal to see a frog swimming in your pool?
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    Chlorine tablet fumes

    I just took a load up my nose right after I opened up the bucket of tablets. Just curious if that could cause serious health injuries?
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    What's this white stuff on my water tile?

    Saw and captured pics of this yesterday. I don't know what it is but like to know how and why. Is it from the salt from my water softener that's connected to my autofill?
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    Quick question, if you were me and about to be away for one week, would you adjust FC to SLAM level and what number would you set the tri chlor knob to? Also would running pump 2 hours per day be enough for the tri chlor pucks?
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    TFP program

    Guys, how would you answer this question. So I got my buddy on the TFP water chem program now for couple months and I think he's giving up. The other day he goes "this doesn't make sense. How does people who hires pool guys only to come once a week when chlorine needs to be added everyday? I...
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    TA alkalinity

    I just poured chlorine in. How long I wait until I can put in total alkalinity powder? Can muriatic acid go in same day? My pH is little high as well Thanks
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    Chemical Question

    Can TA & CH be applied @ the same time? If not, how much time should I wait in between?
  10. J

    Auto water leveler

    Its making a weird hissing sound. Is this normal? This is the first time it made a sound loud enough where I can hear it. I recorded a video on my phone and like to post it on here but I can't figure out how
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    Is this normal

    My FC level has been the same for the past 5 days. Even though its a little cold outside, it won't stop chlorine from evaporating right?
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    Liquid chlorine accuracy

    Curious if the test can still be accurate if liquid chlorine degrades from shelf life
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    My pool is equipped with a freeze sensor. If it gets too cold, the pump kicks in. I’m able to set the dial to a specific temp for it to kick in. What temp should I dial it to?
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    What does it look like when algae starts to appear?

    I saw this just now and curious if it’s baby algae growing?
  15. J

    Chasing pH

    I test n adjust my ph weekly n its always testing at 8+. I tested it just now and it’s the same thing. What on earth could be causing this? Today’s test results Cya 50 FC 5 CC 0 TA 80 CH 320 pH 8+ I use pool math and adjust it by muratic acid
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    City Water test

    I read that city water could have a little chlorine in it. Is it possible use the R-0870 powder to see if chlorine is present from faucet water?
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    CYA Question

    Whenever I stopped using tablets/pucks, my CYA level was at 80. When water evaps, it gets replaced with my autofill so over time, cya levels should drop right? Is it possible for CYA level to go up instead?
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    Droplet count

    When testing for calcium hardness, do I go for the # of drops when the color starts to change or do I go for the # when color is completely changed? Hope I’m making sense
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    Just came across this from a local news channel about crypto parasite in public pools and water parks. Feeling sick after swimming? Beware of possible parasites Has anyone encountered this personally before?
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    My first test results n need your thoughts

    Howdy guys, This post is a continuation from "Chlorine tabs ok?" thread. Just did my first do-it-myself test. Results: FC 9 CC 0.5 pH 7.8 TA 80 CH 370 CYA 80 Should I go ahead and do the OTO, Acid demand, and base demand test?
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    Chlorine Tablets ok?

    Howdy yall I read on here that it’s not good to use chlorine tabs but my pool builder told me to use it with my automatic dispenser (Nature2 Fusion inground). What would you do if you were me? I’ve had my pool for 2 months now. Been getting my water tested at my local leslie’s. I’m going to...
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    AquaCal heat pump

    The designer fr pool company said the heat pump I'm getting is a AquaCal 132k. What does 132k means and if this machine is sufficient enough to be compatible with my pool size?
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    My pool builder uses equipment by Jandy only. Are their stuff okay or any good? Has there been a discussion on here about Jandy comparison to other brands? thx
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    Taylor test kit

    New Guy here... What's the difference between the K2006c & K2006? Not a whole lot of info on google thanks
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    Hello friends

    Thanks for allowing me to join this fine website. I wanted to join this forum to search for advice, answers, and to gain knowledge about residential swimming pools for my home. I'm excited to become a member here and look forward to comes ahead. Is anyone else here that just recently joined from...