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  1. No P in my ool

    Two speed pump

    Just purchased this to replace my one horse. I hope to save enough on the electric bill to pay for it in three years.
  2. No P in my ool

    Intex SWG

    Now only $110.00 ... 208&sr=8-1
  3. No P in my ool

    peroxide in a hot tub

    I have a friend who is going to run 200ppm of 35% hydrogen peroxide in his hot tub for sanitation. Is this a good idea? This is all he is going to do. Are there any drawbacks? I tried telling him that peroxide wasn't an approved sanitizer and he countered with some articles that said this method...
  4. No P in my ool

    Only 60 Days untill spring!!!!!

    I'ts only 60 more days until the first day of spring and I can't wait! Snow has been on the ground for a month and a half and right now my pool is a 10,000 gallon ice cube but I'm ready to open it. This year I'm adding a Fafco solar heater and an Intex swg so there is less for my wife to do. As...
  5. No P in my ool

    Greetings from Iowa

    Just wanted to say Hi and tell you all I've been lurking here for a while and decided to come out of the shadows. I have a new 21' AG pool and I love it. My KIds think I'm a god. They like the fact that they can swim whenever they want. I used to take care of some pools about 15 years ago so I...