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    New Build May 2021

    Does anyone have a resource for best practices equipment for a new in ground pool build? I need info on heating systems, in floor pool cleaners vs. robot, and ladders and accessories. We just renovated our kitchen and I feel like it was relatively easy to research appliance brands, locations of...
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    Intex Sand Filter, still having an issue with pollen

    Hi All, we opened the sand filter last night after having flow basically works for 15 minutes then quits. We have very high pollen, it was caked on top of the sand...we scraped off that layer, added more sand and it worked better last night. I added a pool sock over the poolside...
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    New England Intex Owners, Help!

    Our brand new sand filter(came with the 12x24x52 xtr) seems to be having a hard time keeping up with the obnoxious amount of tree pollen. For example I run the filter for about 4 hours and then it looses suction power and needs to be backwashed. Is this normal in high pollen areas or are we...
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    Intex sand 2100g pump problem

    Hi All, I’m hoping someone can help me. We are new owners of a 12x24x52 intex. Our yard is full of large trees and pollen levels are high. I just backwashed our pump and rinsed it according to the directions because the pressure was getting close to yellow and it still burst a whole bunch of...
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    Thank you for the Intex Advice!

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here for your advice! Our pool is perfectly level and running well in our inaugural weekend. These intex pools definitely need a great deal of TLC in the setup process, but when it was almost 90 degrees yesterday, we were so grateful for a place to...
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    Extension Cord Intex

    So, we got the in Tex 12x24x52 pool up today and the cord is about 10 feet short of the outlet. It is only likely to be a one season pool and comes with a GFCI cord. Can we use a 10 gauge heavy duty extension cord if we turn the pump off while the pool is in use?
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    Massachusetts without a heater? Intex 12x24x52

    Hi All, We are almost ready to install our 12x24x52 intex pool. Just waiting on a company to do the final level and the town permit. Question: we are not planning to get a heater, we only plan to use it on hot summer days and we feel like at 48 inches deep(for the water level) it should be ok...
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    Intex 24x12x52 Setup Questions

    Hi All, I’ve read through a bunch of other threads, but just want to make sure we are doing this right. We have the Intex ultra xtr 24x12x52 with sand system arriving this week. We live just outside of Boston, so this will be strictly seasonal. We normally belong to a pool in the summer, but I’m...