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    CSI Result

    When I plug in results on my app using my phone my CSI shows -0.34 however if I log the same results into the website for the PoolMath the CSI shows -0.24. Maybe not a big deal but wonder why the same number produce different results ? There is another web site that you can plug in your...
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    Weekly PH Rise Question

    My PH seems to raise each week to where if I start Sunday at 7.2 which the CSI states "Potential to become corrosive to plaster" to 8.2 by Fri /Sat then the CSI is a "potential to be scaling" - My TA has been stable somewhere between 60 -70 as when I test @ the 6th drop it just turns red...
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    Pro active or reactive

    Wanted to get some advice on the following I am heading out of town for the long weekend Thursday - Sunday and looks like monsoon season is going to be active at least today - I just did my test which showed ; FC-4 PH -7.8 TA - 70 CH - 250 CYA -30 CSI - 0 ( not sure why but that is what...
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    PH Rate of Rise

    What would be considered an average rise in PH for a plaster , outdoor pool ? I have seem mention if PH rises to fast might want to adjust TA in pool. I think it was increase TA however correct me if I am wrong - Just made me wonder as my CYA & CH seem to stay locked in and my nightly...
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    TA Needs

    As I add in acid to keep my PH in line TA drops which I get. I wanted to know how low is too low in TA as I have seen some on here with 50 for example - Is there a point where it self balances between PH & TA and the need is minimal ? I always though 80 was the low and 100 was the high so...
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    Reading PH results

    Is there a proper way to hold the container to read the PH level properly ? Kind of like when you hold the CYA tube at belt level with sun at your back ? Asking as I have issues aligning with the color matching myself and always asking my wife for a second opinion This morning the test water...
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    My Routine

    My routine is to test Chlorine & PH each night. On each Sat I do the total test in my TF100 kit for the pool. Being my first year with using bleach when I do my nightly test I see the PH pretty good however the chlorine is really a good guess as it is hard to judge between 2 & 3 - 3 & 5...
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    Temp reading on the POOLMATH App

    When it ask about temperature , is it out side air temp or water temp ? Outside changes a lot , water not as much - Does it really matter and if so is it that minute you test or better method to record ? My water is around 85'ish but outside can be over 100 in the day so want to check - thanks
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    CH Levels

    Once I opened my CH was at 80. After sitting there for a bit I did add 8pd bucket of the CH up and now for a month it has sat at 150 on ever single test I have done. My pool water leveler from the house is on soft water so testing house water it is a zero . Water from the street test 80 which...
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    Robot Cleaner Tripping GFIC

    I am reaching out in other places however wanted to check here to see if anyone has had an issue where your robot cleaner has tripped your GFIC ? I have plugged other devices into the same socket with zero issue. For example my coffee roaster which draws fast and heavy 1800 watts , kind of...
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    Setting daily start time

    New Prowler 930 - Is it possible to set the daily start time to clean my pool, same time every day ? I have googled, read the manual but nothing that I can fine to have my cleaner start daily at the same time each day. I was hoping to have it run like every morning at 4 AM for example - I...
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    BAM !

    It is here :) What you can't see is my old suction vac crying over in the corner
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    Pentair Intellifflo VSP

    Currently my VSP runs at 1050 for about 1/2 the total hours , low speed and my suction vac does not move. Runs at 2800 rpm 1/2 the time and that is when the suction vac does its work. Since I am getting a robot vac and will not need the vac is there a recommended speed to set for my high speed...
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    Proper CYA Level

    OK, so really learned something on testing - I must have read it 100 times however the advice of outside, back turned, with the 30 sec of shaking is critical - Two Questions now that I know it was user error on my previous test; 1. Using liquid chlorine this year so what is the proper CYA...
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    Pool Set up with a Robotic Cleaner

    For those that have a robot cleaner, do you set the drains up or anything else different for the flow or water ? I have a valve that controls the sweep & main drain. I have it on 50 / 50 as I do currently use a suction vac. I am thinking the sweep intake also controls the flow to the skimmer ...
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    Are these all the same ?

    Are these all the same and just need to get the less expensive one ? 1. Doheny's Discovery 2. Pentair Warrior SE 3. S200 4. Active 20 I emailed and called the Marina Pool Spa number this morning and left a message on what sounded like a cell voice mail but did not get a call back so as I...
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    Flo-control trimmer plate

    I am putting a new assembly in today with o ring. What is the proper placement for the flo control trimmer plate to be in ? I am sure sure impact of being wide open , fully closed or somewhere in between. I have a suction vac that has its own intake port on the pool wall - I do want to...
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    Adding Cal-Hypo to raise CH

    My CH has been at 175 from the last couple weeks and I feel pretty good about my test process on this with my TF100. I have some 73% cal-hypo shock bags and wondered if I just use those to shock the pool every few weeks would that be OK vs adding in CH up to move to 200-250 ? The Pool Math app...
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    Hayward SP1070FV Float Valve Assembly

    What is the optimal position for the small teardrop flow limiter under it ? Full open or Partial ? Does it mater how I set it back in ? I have 2 holes , one has suction when the pump is running the other not. I assume one is to the pump the other from the main pool drains - thanks
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    Using Bleach vs Tabs

    My first year using bleach. Being new to it I test in the evening and adjust. I then test early morning and it appears to be just where I think it should be based on amount added the night before however by end of the day I need to add again. Is this the norm for bleach , just add X amount each...
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    Now with my CYA locked in and I understand the 7.5 % FC of CYA for my proper FC level , how often does someone need to do the 0870 test to get the exact FC ? Daily seems crazy as the test amount is pretty small. Using bleach with zero tabs so I am assuming my CYA should be stable - Is there a...
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    R-0007 - what is it an why

    I noticed the Alkalinity teat kit has an extra step to test alkalinity - 2 drops of R-0007. Why and what is it ? The HTH kit i purchased a couple months back , before I knew about and now have my TF100 only has 2 steps . 5 drops of indicator and drop by drop of the titrant. Because I new...
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    TF100 Test Kit

    Got the new kit out an pretty excited however disappointed in how the pH level test is really just like my cheapo version and no way to tell exactly where my pH is when it is sky high - I know it is way up but exactly how much not sure so of course my alkalinity is like 170 - Am I missing some...
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    CYA reading results correctly

    I received my TF 100 kit today and my first and only test was my CYA levels as the pool store it was 91 - I read the instructions on the sheet however when dropping in the solution there was a time I wondered if trying to hard to see the dot if that makes sense. I noticed the more I add the...
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    New Plastered Pool

    Had our pool plastered a couple weeks back and they said to not run the vac in the pol for 2 weeks from start up. I have read 10 days to 30 days on sites talking about new plaster work. I have brushed multiple times per day since I am stuck home with all this stuff going on in the world. I...
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    CYA to FC

    I just had the pool plastered and was not home when they did the startup. They added stabilizer and 4 pucks to the pool along with liquid chlorine and acid. I honestly do not think they even tested - I got home pulled out 3 of the 4 pucks and pulled the filter and clean with a pressure hose...