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    Help. Does this look right?

    Pool is about a year old and had a company come out to install iaqualink and plumb in a slide yesterday. came home today to algae in the pool, gurgling and my filter gauge going haywire 0-20. Also, chlorinator lights all on and it says to add salt. I’m worried, don’t know if he needs to come...
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    plaster on new pool-is this how it should look?

    Hey all, sorry for delay in reply, I am just seeing some of these now b/c of my notifications. After escalating the issue via letter to the CEO, I was contacted by a VP who set the ball in motion for them to acid wash it and sand/brush the surface for a more uniform look and then we will...
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    Pool slides, recommendations?

    what did you decide on? I went with the typhoon and just had a party with 20 9yo kids who loved it. I do plan on building a platform/landing approx. 4' high that would surround the steps for some added safety. My slide and proposed platform build are attached... I figured I could put some...
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    New Construction in SE Pennsylvania

    We had a very similar build with A&S and similar impervious surface issues in Bucks County. We went with a gravel fire pit area and different size river rocks and flagstone as walk ways around the pool area and slide to get around the impervious surface space. For plantings, Bobo Hydrangea, Day...
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    Plumbing slide

    Thanks all. Got a filter for the line and seems to be working just fine
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    plaster on new pool-is this how it should look?

    My pool builder just left me with this mess on Saturday and told me it’s just like a scar and I’ll get used to it. Seems unacceptable to me after spending 60k and not even dipped a toe in it yet. On top of that, the pool plaster looks really blotchy (ansylbrite) and is like to have it all...
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    Pool slides, recommendations?

    Following. I’m looking to purchase in the next couple days and between those 2 models and the Rogue 2. My kids are 5 and 8 but want grownups to have fun too.
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    Plumbing slide

    I am a new pool owner and about to purchase a SR Smith Typhoon slide. It has a hardline hookup or standard hose option. My pool has a spigot on between the pump and filter that I was told was used to pressure test and blow out lines. Can I use that to run a standard garden hose to slide instead...
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    New pool, new to forum

    Going on month 9 of our install from Anthony Sylvan. 18x36, 11000 gal with spa and ansylbrite finish. Pool has been leaking since filling in November and it looks like they finally located a problem with drains in spa. They are jackhammering, hydraulic cementing new drains and then plaster...