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    Light brownish stains on liner

    Hi all, we have some light brown stains in numerous areas on the liner, at the bottom of the pool. Water chemistry is all good - I spiked the chlorine level high at the beginning of the season and cleared the water, water is nice and clear just have these stains now. Is this due to metals or...
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    Vaccuuming with cartridge filter

    Apologies if this is a dumb question........if you have a cartridge filter, do you vaccuum with the cartridge in place or remove it to do your vaccuuming? I don't have a "vaccuum to waste" setting but I do have a "leaf catcher" attachment for my vaccuum hose. Thanks!
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    Cartridge filter with Jumbo Chlorine tabs?

    I've been having a problem with my cartridge filter where I get a new cartridge, works great for a week or so, but then even after thoroughly washing the cartridge I barely get a trickle out of the water jets, even though water appears to be flowing well through the pump. If I remove the...