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    Should I shock since I won't have my SWG going for another few days?

    Who is supposed to be maintaining the pool? If pool builder, than follow his instruction for warranty. If it was my pool, I would just add some bleach/chlorine. Have you bought a Pool Test Kit, yet?
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    New build- Baytown, TX

    Was just wondering if your pool equipment is on a concrete/plastic/fiberglass slab or directly on the dirt/ground?
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    Algae at and above waterline

    Those rocks look like Moss Rocks. I also have Moss Rocks for my waterfall and part of my pool wall. Are you sure it is algae and not moss starting to grow. I am pretty sure you have nothing growing below the waterline. I use a spray bottle full of bleach and a nylon brush to remove the moss off...
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    Salt water newbie in Houston - I thought this would be easy!

    I would buy some plain old bleach/chlorine from HEB, Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes, etc.
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    Cloudy water after algae

    What are the results for your "FC" test? FC
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    Pool still cloudy

    A 25% increased on your normal filter psi. For example: At 8 psi, you would backwash at approximately 10 psi. A 2 psi increased of 8 psi is approximately 25%. I am an old fart, so I am using math from the 60's and 70's. Good luck
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    Adding chlorine

    You already have 2 outfits to add chlorine/bleach. Why switch to pucks?
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    Need help with my filter system

    Do the threads on Barrel Nut and T-bolt look good? No damage on the threads?
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    Need help with my filter system

    I am a noobe, but after cleaning my Pentair DE Plus Filter 2 days ago, the spring with the brass nut (picture #2) should be compress together. I will let the experts chime in and correct me if I am wrong.
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    New Build - Depth Opinions

    I have 16' x 34' freeform(kidney) pool that is 4' - 6" deep. I should have gone deeper, due to living in the Houston, Texas area. Water warms up in the summer.
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    Fence hangers

    These are the pool hangers I bought on Amazon: .
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    Please help! Brand new to pool troubles since widowed.

    If the hoses are inexpensive, the smart thing to do would be to replace both hoses.
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    Question about bubbles being produced by my SWG

    Chlorine gas being produce by your SWCG (salt water chlorine generator).
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    How much longer until you open?

    Open your pool. What do mean? Who closes their pool in the Southern United States. Current pool water is 72. A little too chilly for me.
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    Best NG Heater? My Raypak RP2100 rusted out....Please help!

    To check for a gas leak before your installer shows back up. Use a spray bottle with soap and water. Spray the gas connections and look for bubbles.
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    Please help a n00b identify some holes

    The hole on the deck is for an umbrella.
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    Heat Pump Real Life Experience for Heating and Cooling

    Thinking of having a heat pump installed to extend the swimming season in the Houston area. Would like to know how well the heat pump work for cooling down pools? Last summer my pool temperature were in the high 80's and low 90's. Looking for real life experiences with heating and cooling a pool.
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    Pool Salt Price

    Walmart has Dive In Premium Pool Salt for $3.00. (40 lb bag) I live in Baytown, Tx, 25 miles east of Houston. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Added chlorine and the pool turned green

    Have you check for metals in your water?
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    Removing the diving board (new homeowners insurance company) - light electrical box??

    How about a jumping/sitting rock with access to electrical box.
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    Pool Equiptment Turned Itself on and I Cannot Stop It

    Do you have your freeze protection on? My Pentair Easy Touch freeze protection will start automatically at 35 degrees.
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    Help with high cyanuric acid

    I am a newbie, only had my pool for about 4 months. I would recommend that you buy a decent test kit like the Taylor K-2006 or the TF-100 for starters. What were the rest of your pool water results. FC (Free Chlorine) PH CH TA
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    Two different sets of instructions from TF-100 kits for CH

    If you are going to add 20 drops of R-0010, then you are going to be using 25ml of sample water. if you use 10 drops your are using 10ml of sample water. I am using the Taylor K-2006c kit and it has the instruction for both. Good luck
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    Low Chlorine level

    The filter is just removing the impurities/junk/dead algae out of your pool water.
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    New Pool - Need Help with adjusting water Chemistry

    Thanks for all the help. Will retest in the morning. Pool is currently crystal clear and I am planning in keeping it that way. VS pump has been running for 24 hours a day since the pool was started.
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    New Pool - Need Help with adjusting water Chemistry

    Pool was started on 15Jun by PB, actually Project Manager. I know they were at least 12 gallons of empty acid bottles next to my trash on 15Jun. Not sure what went in pool and what was use to acid wash the pool deck. Shock was added on 16Jun. Pool is a QuartzScapes Plaster. When I saw all the...
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    New Pool - Need Help with adjusting water Chemistry

    Will add approximate 87 oz of bleach in accordance with PoolMath Calculator. They wanted me to add 4 more tablets, but I think I will stick with bleach for now. Thanks for you help. Hoping I screw up the CYA Test. Will test again tomorrow.
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    New Pool - Need Help with adjusting water Chemistry

    Pool has been filled for about 48 hours. I currently have 6 gallons of 10% liquid bleach and 8 pounds of 20 Mule Team Borax. PB stated I could go swimming today. I wanted to test the water before I went to pool. Should I try to bring up the PH to 7.4 or leave it alone. Rain water is no problem...
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    New Pool - Need Help with adjusting water Chemistry

    Was at work when PB started pool. Not sure what chemicals he used beside 4 bags of Poolife Turboshock and Two Stabilized Chlorinator Tablets (Trocloro-s-Triazinetrione 93.5% and Copper sulfate pentahydrate 1.5%).:mad: Took readings with Taylor K-2006C today. Pool is about 17,000 gallons FC - 0...
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    Pool Build in Baytown, Texas. Portable Shower by Pool Question

    Would love to have a half bath by the pool, but my plumbing is locating in the front of my home.