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    Pollen vs Mustard Algae vs Dirt?

    Hi! So I've lurked here and tried to find an answer. I *think* we have dirt and pollen but I can't understand why it would still be in the pool. By my calculations and the pool store's we're good on water and if I take a sample it is clear but obviously by the pic it isn't. Symptoms Started...
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    Curious on lifetime of a liner pool's shell

    We have a pool and the liner was replaced last year. The pool was built sometime in the mid 80s and the sidewalls are definitely plywood, I saw them when the liner pulled away from the coping a bit. The pool is about 40 ft by 12-14 ft with a 9ft deep end. Just planning for the future and...
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    Advice on purchasing home with large trees near pool (root intrusion?, pics)

    Hi! Like the title says, we're a little concerned about maintenance and a lot concerned about the roots intruding. It is a 38k gallon with a (newer) liner. The 2 tree sit between the pool and the house, maybe 8-10 feet from the pool. Reading online it seems like this is less than ideal, the...