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    Still chasing leaks... any other options to consider before digging out and replacing lines?

    We've been fighting leaks since year 2 with our pool (currently in year 3) and I'm now suspecting poor winterizing has led to leaks in our suction lines. Current loss rates are approximately: Without pump running: 0.25" per day With pump running 8hr/day: 0.5" - 1" per day With pump running...
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    Water leak - malfunctioning valve?

    We've been fighting what I had assumed was evaporation all summer. I probably should have done a bucket test much sooner, but I confirmed this morning that our pool is leaking water. Symptoms: When our pump is in Filter mode, I can see a steady trickle of water coming out of our waste line...
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    SLAMing for 5 days, no improvement over the last 2-3

    Hello! My wife and I moved into a new house this year and now we are first-time pool owners! I encountered a lot of poor help from our local pool store but after discovering this community, our pool is looking relatively fantastic! We had a dark green swamp when we opened the pool and now...