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    Bonding questions

    Bonding in the electrical code is defined as creating a continuous interconnected path such that there can be no voltage difference between the components. In theory this could happen at any voltage but, in realty this can only happen at zero voltage which is ground. Ground is an electrical...
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    Bonding questions

    They are connected, but they are separate systems. The load panel is bonded on the outside and grounded (bus bar) on the inside. As the inside and outside are the same piece of steel, they are in fact connected. But for the purposes of code, they are separate. Such is the smoke and mirrors...
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    Design & Build Cocktail Pool, Bulverde, Tx

    Beautiful! Are they cutting the blocks on the property?
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    Design & Build Cocktail Pool, Bulverde, Tx

    Butter sticks = granite or limestone blocks? That will look awesome!
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    Some random questions regarding overflow lines, vacuum line, surge protection, solar vs heat pump

    We use these on each panel or sub-panel
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    Should plumbing be completely buried before concrete?

    Keep in mind town building inspectors are looking for code violations specifically and workmanship to a lesser extent. The issue you are faced with may not be noticed by the inspector. Even if it is, the inspector may not have the knowledge to evaluate. If you are truly concerned about a...
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    Should plumbing be completely buried before concrete?

    Call the local building inspector or the town engineer. Ask them for recommendation for a Professional Engineer or an inspector with soils experience. Either one can give you a professional opinion on the situation and the any appropriate remediation.
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    Porcelain tile

    Rubber and fleece membrane that is sandwiched between slab and tile using thinset. This is an example:
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    Our First Pool

    That looks incredible! Love the bench one step from the sun shelf. If you don't mind me asking, what are you using for coping and decking?
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    Another Vegas OB

    Love the lids. Tremendous attention to detail. What type of autofiller?
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    Another Vegas OB

    Do you mind sharing the name/source of the glass tile?
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    Another Vegas OB

    Outstanding! Job well done.
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    Another Vegas OB

    How do you supply air to all those jets? I didn't see a blower and guessing no Hartford loop in an overflow spa.
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    Another Vegas OB

    That's a great idea. Is there a minimum width requirement?
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    Another Vegas OB

    Is there a ledge below the tiles on the raised bond beam?
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    New Pool Build in League City, TX

    Do you have a pool build thread? Looks like you put a lot of thought into spa. Are the seats radiused to the wall?
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    BYOP Frisco TX Build!

    Why did they leave lights loose?
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    Travertine pool decking and coping, freeze/thaw cycles, travertinemart - 7 winters later!

    Would you fill joints with something other than polymeric sand?
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    My New Old Pool Dig Out

    Bond beam area looks like bucket strikes from backhoe. Possible they hit shell with teeth then scraped up to remove coping. From the pictures looks like 2-3' level strike (teeth) then breakage up or down. Maybe they contemplated destroying shell and made few sample strikes. Not that it matters...
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    CT Laws and Codes

    1. In CT you can do whatever you like as long as PE signs off. Check Craigslist. 2. Use soft block for sides. Wont help with your physique. 3. Upgrade to glass panes.
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    Austin Owner Build (Raised Pool with Infinity Edge)

    Try a pencil end concrete vibrator and water on the areas that are still sinking. A jumping jack can be used on the low spots. Alternate vibrating and spraying with a hose. Good chance you have a large air pocket or debris that is moving slowly.
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    Austin Owner Build (Raised Pool with Infinity Edge)

    Too late now. But, best way to compact deep fill is to flood it with soaker hose. Very low pressure, just let the water run for a week or so to soak fill slowly from the top. Thereby compressing the fines into the air pockets.
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    This one is for me....

    Most of the suppliers will do the engineering and provide stamped drawings. These products are used frequently in commercial work.
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    This one is for me....

    Might consider light guage steel framing. Basically C channels screwed together. Much lighter and 2-4" shallower than LVLs. Metwood is a company we deal with on East coast. There are few others on West coast. They can also custom build a beam out of c channels with rebar welded inside corners to...
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    rusts on stainless steel pool

    Do you have pictures? Stainless steel does not rust. But, if it is scratched by carbon steel the softer carbon steel will settle in the scratch and rust. The solution is surprisingly simple. Rub it with acid, a lemon will do. Sounds like you have a large area problem. Perhaps they prepped...
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    Soapstone Coping Installation on standard gunite beam

    Type S, mix a little fat 5:1 sand cement vs 6:1. Mix cement and water (as rich as possible) to coat bottom of stone and top of pool prior to setting stone. Both surfaces are porous and will wick moisture out of mortar. Joint width is a function of how square the stone is cut. For a stone of...
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    Austin Owner Build (Raised Pool with Infinity Edge)

    Instead of chipping try an angle grinder with concrete cup: Much faster and you can bullnose or...
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    Located leak and cut concrete. Does anyone have experience with the next step?

    If the threads on the bulk head fitting (black) and the bushing (white with external and internal threads) are good. Then you need to take the joint apart and put pipe dope or PTFE tape on the threads before screwing back in. That will take care of leaking from threads. Bigger problem at this...
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    Repair plumbing leak underground? Tips, tricks, or magic!

    Start with your valves. Check the packing glands (under the handle on ball valves), grease ports and where the handle attaches to three way valves. Then check the above ground joints. Look for evidence of weeping. Or on the suction side spray with soapy water and watch for bubble movement...