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  1. J

    Drilling into mortar

    Can I drill into this part of my plaster/mortar?
  2. J

    New plaster/pebble startup

    Just got the pool filled a couple of weeks ago and the PB hasn't told me to do anything with chemicals. They added (I think - because I wasn't home at the time but saw the empty bottles) 2-3 gallons of MA once it was filled and not much more than that. t've been using the TFP method with...
  3. J

    High pressure misting system

    I've been doing some research into misting systems. I've had one that works off the garden hose with 10 mist nozzles and while is does spray water and drop the temp a little people do get very wet under them. In my research I've found that if you get a 1000-1500 psi pump you end up with...
  4. J

    Neighbor's CYA off the charts - where to start?

    Hi all, My friend/neighbor has an IG pool with the following details (He currently has a pool service - I'll be working on convincing him to use the TFPC method): 18,000 Gallons with waterfall Plaster/Pebble DE Filter (I think Hayward) Jandy Stealth Pump (I know it has two speeds, not sure...
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    Here we go in New Braunfels, TX!

    Wow, I've barely scratched the surface of all the knowledge in this forum! I just found this while looking for how to self-maintain my pool once it is finished and what a wealth of information - thank you to all who contribute to this great community! Our story is that we moved to TX about 3...