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    Vinyl Pool Top Edge Detaching 2

    Moderator comment - Moved from this post: Vinyl Pool Top Edge Detaching Sorry to thread hijack but I have this problem too. My pool is a concrete shell but @jimmythegreek is the cause (and fix) likely to be the same? If so where are the screws?
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    Speed of chlorine consumption

    Does ph impact the speed at which FCl degrades over the longer term? my ph was running around 8 And I seemed to be using about 0.6 FCl per 24 hrs. I reduced the ph to around 7.5 and consumption seemed to drop a fair bit to half to three quarters of that. Now the ph has crept back Up to 8 The...
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    Pool vac

    I have one of these which I think is some sort of auto vac? I inherited it but never used it. I tried it today and it makes a clicking sound- is that normal? I have a vinyl pool - it looks all fairly soft and rubber but Is it likely to damage the liner
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    Master temp 125

    My heater a master temp bc 125 seems to switch off before reaching temperature. So if I set it to 84 say it tends to switch off at 82. It doesn’t always do it, sometimes it will heat to temp set. Pump timer Is off so not being caused by pump switching off. Any suggestions?
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    I’m wondering if my skimmer is set up right. It looks like this It looks as if the sump balance is blocked off. What are the implications of this? I don’t have a weir door should I? I also don’t seem to have a balance device to sit on top, albeit this wouldn’t work given the balance is blocked.
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    Pump run time

    Wasn’t sure where to post this in pumps or balancing. how long does the pump need to run to mix liquid chlorine after addition?
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    Lesser of evils

    My TA is up at 150/160 level. Is it more or less bad to leave it or bring It down with sodium bisulphate? I’m a bit apprehensive to get hydrochloric acid as I’m a bit worried about storing it (young kids around) and using it is a bit daunting!
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    Chlorine and ph

    If I add liquid chlorine should i expect my ph to increase in the absence of other additions (ie not yet filled up with water)
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    Pump timer and heater

    The other day I noticed my pentair master temp was showing 45 on the display. I thought help that must be an error code so I fired up the pump to see if the heater would come on. When I did the number fell. So I think what must have happened was the heater was on and then the pump timer turned...
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    Chemical safety

    Having converted you liquid chlorine I’m struggling to pour a measured amount from a 20litre drum without it splashing quite a lot. How do you measure out this stuff safely?
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    FCL sweet spot

    For those manually glugging bleach into the pool how is it best to do this. I guess daily to keep more or less on the target? How do you decide where to pitch your CYA level? Trial an error to see what uses the least chlorine? What’s a reasonable loss of chlorine in a day if the cya level is...
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    Gap between liner and tiles

    My liner seems to be sagging away from the tiles. It’s worse in some places than others - perhaps an inch in the worst place. What material is best to use to fill/finish?
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    Lacron sand filter

    I have a lacron sand filter many years under its belt. Only been in my ownership for 6 months when I moved house though so don’t know its history. Id say the filter is 30 years old. No idea if the sand has ever been changed. It seems to ‘work’ but the pressure gauge is 30psi, pump on or off...
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    Mutraic acid

    Looking at the pool school, I see an alternative to mutraic acid is “dry acid” what chemical elements are in this? I can’t seem to find mutraic acid but dry acid feels like it might be the name for lots of things. Also it might have a different name in the UK. Does mutraic acid have any...
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    Chlorine shelf life

    What are experiences of How long does chlorine stay potent in the 4/5 gallon bottles? Just wondering if false economy too buy bulk cheap if it will degrade.
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    Sodium hydrogen sulphate

    Can I use sodium hydrogen sulphate to reduce ph or will it cause me problems? Ph-7.6 Ta-173 Cya-60 FCl-10.3 Tcl-11.3 I think I need to slam and believe I need to lower ph 1st. I am using liquid chlorine. It’s a 7000 gal Vinyl pool. Temp around 79 Thanks!
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    Too much CYA

    Hi all I’m hoping for some help from those more experienced than me. Last year I moved to a house with a pool and am trying to get to grips with it. The previous owner explained they used tablets and once a fortnight granular shock. Together with 6 monthly copper based algacide. As winter...