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  1. frustratedpoolmom

    Posting pictures

    Oh, maybe that's the problem... ok i'll try that. Thanks!
  2. frustratedpoolmom

    Posting pictures

    Hi all, still getting used to the new site and for the life of me I can't get my pics to show up after uploading them to Photobucket. What am I doing wrong?
  3. frustratedpoolmom

    PoolMath Suggestion

    I get where you are coming from. The problem is shock is a much more familiar term to newbies. Hopefully the noobs will read more and recognize the difference :)
  4. frustratedpoolmom


    Nothing in Spam, went back to January. I'm going to try settings again. Thanks :) - - - Updated - - - Hi John! :)
  5. frustratedpoolmom


    Hey Y'all... super busy this time of year, and I don't have as much time as I would like to be on the forum. That being said, even tho my email is correct in my profile, I'm not getting a notification that I have received a private message. I can't seem to find the setting to enable the...
  6. frustratedpoolmom

    Catridge filter cleaning

    Nah, I've noticed no adverse affect from the paper straps coming off. I've seen much filters worse than yours. the stains are from Iron. I've seen filters completely coated in that. Those get replaced :)
  7. frustratedpoolmom

    Posting Warning

    Ya me too. LOL
  8. frustratedpoolmom

    How about a "Nasty Pool" contest ...

    Nuh uh, I'm the (but I'm disqualified too I'm pretty sure...) technically I'm not done with it yet...still a bit of crud to get... :whip:
  9. frustratedpoolmom

    A minor forum software update was installed today

    I like the new look to the "buttons" at the top. They stand out more now. :)
  10. frustratedpoolmom

    "Can't search now..." message

    5am this morning the forum is very slow to respond and then I got the "search again in a few minutes" message
  11. frustratedpoolmom

    User Menu looks different

    Ya miss me? :) Aweee....
  12. frustratedpoolmom

    User Menu looks different

    Jason talks about it in the "Can't search now" thread
  13. frustratedpoolmom

    User Menu looks different

    There's a post discussing it - had to do with the site problems lately...
  14. frustratedpoolmom

    "Can't search now..." message

    3:53 PM, first time I've seen the message in a while.
  15. frustratedpoolmom

    "Can't search now..." message

    Um, yeah, that was me getting impatient hitting "submit" "submit", "submit".... :mrgreen: :oops:
  16. frustratedpoolmom

    Image size

    Pic size for me is a issue too. Whenever photo problems come up I recommend they use Photobucket or similar site to post their pics.
  17. frustratedpoolmom

    Links don't always show up in a clear blue or unique color

    In my version of IE they look like different shades of blue, the second being very hard to distinguish. I often manually change my links setting them to bold and/or underline.
  18. frustratedpoolmom

    Love this forum, problems with another

    I just checked and couldn't even access the site.
  19. frustratedpoolmom

    Love this forum, problems with another

    Do you mean spammed via pm's or something? When I have visited the site, I have noticed ALOT of topics advertising "male enhancements" and what not...LOL Perhaps they need more mods (that have no life-like myself hahaha)
  20. frustratedpoolmom

    Suggestion: Pool Party Section

    Cream based, like Baileys or Kaluha, also "flavored" ones - 6 months - like "coconut" or fruit-flavored vodkas. Yes, Rasberry (my personal favorite) has a shelf life of 1-2 weeks, at most. :mrgreen: :P :mrgreen: , even less when camping :cheers:
  21. frustratedpoolmom

    Suggestion: Pool Party Section

    Booze does have a shelf life, sorry to tell ya. :mrgreen: Subjects such as this are fine to discuss in "The Coffee Bar"... :goodjob:
  22. frustratedpoolmom

    Newsletter Archive update?

    The newsletter is no longer produced. :wink:
  23. frustratedpoolmom

    YouTube feature not working?

    I was able to fix the links. Not sure why, or why it works this way and not the other?
  24. frustratedpoolmom

    Link to Posted Information

    Good suggestion Ted! :goodjob:
  25. frustratedpoolmom

    Link to Posted Information

    Google Search, bottom left corner.
  26. frustratedpoolmom

    "how to shock" article update suggestion

    What about this: You are done shocking when: You experience a FC loss of 1ppm or less overnight, using the FAS-DPD test described here (link to the OFCLT article) and your CC is .5 or less. Note: If you do not have the FAS-DPD chlorine test, you should continue shocking your pool until your...
  27. frustratedpoolmom

    "how to shock" article update suggestion

    Great suggestion. :goodjob:
  28. frustratedpoolmom

    Search function

    When I search, I use the Google Search in the bottom left corner. I find better results that way.
  29. frustratedpoolmom

    pool school article recommendation

    :-D Mods and admin have been discussing this very issue. Nikki and Paul, feel free to submit suggestions to Jason, I'm sure he would welcome your input.