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  1. domct203

    Good Morning

    Pool builders are great at building pools, as they should be, but most only echo what pool stores and chemical companies preach. In simple terms chlorine is a gas. When bound to salt it is sodium hypochlorite. Mixed with water it is commonly referred to as bleach, regardless of use. Straight...
  2. domct203

    New Arrival

    Welcome! Remember, a SWG pool is still a chlorine pool, it's just that the SWG is making the chlorine from the salt. The only thing 'special' that you need for any pool is a proper test kit. How do you currently check the water chemistry? Thanks for posting, nice to have you here.
  3. domct203

    Introduction - New Intex 32 X 16 Pool Owner

    Welcome! I LOVE our Intex Ultra Frame. Do yourself a favor, go get the proper test kit now. I'm on my fourth season of crystal clear water, and it is simply because I can reliably test my pool, and add only what the pool needs. Right now, with my SWG's...
  4. domct203

    Central NY Grateful Newbie

    Re: Algae Update & just got test kit - Next steps? Attempting to SLAM at a CYA of 100ppm is going to be tough.... you would need to reach and hold a FC of 40ppm Your best options are as Richard already stated, lower CYA, adjust pH then follow the SLAM procedure
  5. domct203

    Bestway Pool Above Ground 18 x 9 x 4 foot Platinum Series w sand filter

    Thank you. The pool base should be level within 1” all around, including the supports for the legs. If the sand is well compacted you should be ok, I would however have whatever support you use for the legs to be level and flush with the pool base. That’s a very inviting space you have, I...
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    Bestway Pool Above Ground 18 x 9 x 4 foot Platinum Series w sand filter

    Welcome to the forum! I don't see a skimmer on that pool, but sure, you could close off one of the suction ports. I do notice however that you seem to have installed the pool on a thick bed of sand. Is it properly compacted to prevent settling under the weight of the water? When that pool is...
  7. domct203

    New member from Virginia with a yucky pool! Day 1 of SLAM

    Welcome! Let’s see s full set of test results. List them like this so it’s easy to read: FC CC pH TA CH CYA The two most important parts of a proper SLAM is to Maintain FC, & have patience. Remember, your SLAM FC is based on your CYA level. What was your FC target when you added 4 gallons of...
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    Glad to be on this forum

    Welcome to the forum! How will you be testing the water?
  9. domct203

    Retired Dude ?

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello From Miami

    Welcome to the forum! What exactly is a 'SWP system'? Be sure to fill out your signature as shown here: Thanks for posting.
  11. domct203

    Greeting to all the pool manager rockies...

    Welcome to the forum! Where exactly is “Bonita Springs”? Is this Florida?
  12. domct203

    New menber from new england , south shore

    I recommend you reach out to INYO Pools. They are very knowledgeable and helpful in situations like this.
  13. domct203

    Please help- very green water in above ground pool

    Welcome to the forum. The part that I paraphrased from your original post should be quite the eye opener for you...... Why on earth would they recommend you purchase a 'chlorine remover', only to advise you buy and add more chlorine????? It would be in your pool's best interest (and your...
  14. domct203

    Stressed out - Cant keep stains out!

    You can also raise pH (for free) by aerating the water. If you can point the return jet upwards so it breaks the water surface, or run a fountain that will do it, just a bit slower.
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    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome to the Forum!
  16. domct203

    New here

    Welcome to the forum! Green water is not normal. You would be best raising your FC to target with liquid chlorine, aka bleach, then use the SWG to maintain your FC target. After adding the salt and brushing it around to dissolve, did you wait 24 hours before you started the SWG? How are you...
  17. domct203

    My contractor change the brand of Quartz plaster on me!!

    Welcome to the forum. Does your contract with the Pool Builder specifically state "Wetedge Luna Quartz", as well as the color?
  18. domct203

    Intex saltwater system 15000 gal

    Hello and welcome to the forum. While you get your SWG figured out, be sure to keep chlorine in the pool by manually dosing with liquid chlorine, aka bleach. What is on the display? Just the programmed run-time?
  19. domct203

    New to site

    Welcome to the forum. What is the problem you are having?
  20. domct203

    Goodbye, to my pool/hot tub

    Maybe print out the ABC of Water Chemistry and highlight the web address. I would also leave my test kit and include a printout of the TFP testing instructions, my way of 'paying it forward'. If your new house includes a pool, get it a nice new shiny TF-100...
  21. domct203

    First timer with salt pool

    +1 After two seasons of manually dosing my pool I had about a third of the required salt already before I switched to a SWG (all forms of chlorine add salt).
  22. domct203

    New to the Group!

    Welcome to the forum! The K2006 cannot check FC down to 0.04, if you were using the 25ml sample each drop is 0.2ppm, with the 10ml sample, each drop is 0.5ppm. We recommend using the 10ml sample. It sounds like you are using the 'Flipping Frog' system, which adds CYA & metals to the pool...
  23. domct203

    2nd year with 1st pool

    Welcome to the forum. I doubt that the pump will have any user serviceable access (this is the small pump that is built into the skimmer, correct?) If worse come to worse, you can get a replacement pump on Amazon.
  24. domct203

    Unleveled pool on Bestway 16x48 round pool

    Welcome to the forum. 2-3" is quite a bit. Where is the pool setup? Is it on grass, a patio, etc? Post a picture if you can.
  25. domct203

    New guy and only 2nd season with pool

    Welcome to the forum! You will need a test kit that contains a FAS/DPD (not DPD only) chlorine test, as well as reagents to test pH, TA, CH, & CYA. We recommend the TF-100 from TF Test Kits, or the Taylor K2006C, both kits use the industry standard Taylor reagents. The TF-100 is your best...
  26. domct203

    Hola Peopolas!

    Absolutely. Remember, FC to CYA is King, pH Queen. Please don't get the impression that CC, TA, & CH don't matter, they really do in the symbiotic relationship with all things in the pool. After a while of routine testing with accurate and somewhat predictable results, you will develop a...
  27. domct203

    Hola Peopolas!

    Vinyl does not require calcium. There are members here with CH levels up to 1000ppm, without cloudy water. With careful monitoring of their levels, scale is not an issue either. If the pool is kept algae free with the proper sanitizer levels, 'algae food' is irrelevant..... that's like a...
  28. domct203

    Hola Peopolas!

    Welcome to the forum, neighbor! Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure your not a terrible person LOL. If you should decide to take control of your pool yourself, and get a proper test kit, we will be glad to help with any pool chemistry questions/issues you may have. Eventually the CYA from...
  29. domct203

    High FC?

    Welcome to the forum. What form of chlorine are you using? What is your TA & CH? pH will not be accurate until you are under FC of 10ppm.