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  1. domct203

    Staining From Low CH?

    Your CH, CYA & pH results are impossibilities when using one of the recommended kits, so that is a give away you did not use one. I would make it a point to add calcium and balance CSI as soon as the weather allows.
  2. domct203

    Nothing But Trouble After Switching to BBB

    It’s your pool, care for it as you wish. If you spend some time researching here on the forum, you will see many many posts where pool store testing is unreliable, and leads to unnecessary money spent and quite a chemical soup in your pool. With your last posted test results it does not...
  3. domct203

    cloudy water with good number. help please

    As mentioned in the thread, it’s because you cannot accurately measure the pH during the SLAM. This is also stated in the prerequisites of the SLAM procedure.
  4. domct203

    cloudy water with good number. help please

    Give the pool a good brushing to expose all the algae to the chlorine. Your FC will be under 10ppm in no time. Once you get pH to 7.2 go straight to SLAM.
  5. domct203

    CYA - Confused

    Just to add to that great advise, never mix any form of chlorine. That includes Trichlor, Dichlor, Cal-Hypo, and Sodium Hypochlorite.
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    CYA Issue

    I hope you have come to realize that the “tabs” you continue to use are the cause of your CYA issue. Once the water is too cold for the SWG, you should use liquid chlorine, aka bleach. When you do the CYA test, it should be outdoors on a bright sunny day, with your back to the sun, reading the...
  7. domct203

    CYA Issue

    It’s staying high because you keep adding it. Using trichlor tablets, for every 10ppm of FC you add, you also get 6ppm of CYA. The FC is consumed, the CYA is not, and continues to accumulate.
  8. domct203

    CYA Issue

    CYA doesn’t just “jump up”, either it was added to the pool, or there is testing error. Test strips are useless, especially for CYA. How do you normally chlorinate?
  9. domct203

    Nothing But Trouble After Switching to BBB

    What form of chlorine are you using? How much are you adding to go from a FC of 0ppm to FC 5ppm?
  10. domct203

    Nothing But Trouble After Switching to BBB

    What test kit are you using that measures CC to 0.1ppm, and measures TA to 1ppm? How did you measure a CYA of 96ppm earlier?
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    This pic is from the instruction booklet (pg 25) that came with my K2006 that I bought in 2014. As of 2014 it was a 20ppm FC limit using the 10ml sample.
  12. domct203

    Calcium scale and negative CSI in fiberglass pools

    No need to turn off the SWG, just properly manage pH and CSI. pH is only part of the equation. BTW- SWG tend to raise pH, while Trichlor/Dichlor tend to lower pH.
  13. domct203

    What is to blame for CC and cloudy water all of a sudden?

    As the algae spores multiply, they will quickly deplete that low FC. Do you really want to take that chance? Algae is a green plant, it’s just a nuisance and doesn’t pose a health risk. However, the bacteria/viruses that could start to grow from bird/animal droppings entering a stressed...
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    Our advice is quite different. The pool store is basically telling you to dump in an astronomical dose of chlorine and stabilizer (or calcium) and pray that you don’t destroy your pool equipment, as well as clear the pool. We are asking you to raise your FC to a specific % of your CYA and hold...
  15. domct203

    What is to blame for CC and cloudy water all of a sudden?

    Algae spores are microscopic, by the time you see green there’s millions of them. A cloudy day can give the water a dull look as well. If this were my pool I would raise my FC to about 15% of CYA (8-10ppm) and do an OCLT. If I barely passed or failed I would SLAM at first opportunity, it...
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    What is to blame for CC and cloudy water all of a sudden?

    Maintaining a FC of 3ppm is right on the minimum recommend. If your FC has dipped below minimum between SWG cycles, algae could start growing. A proper will bring back that clear water. Are you doing the CYA test outside on a bright sunny day, with the sun to your back, reading the view...
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    As soon as you found the FC so low, why didn’t you add chlorine right away? Why do you find it odd that your CYA is 90ppm? What have you been adding to the pool?
  18. domct203

    New Pool Owner - Dead bird

    Depends on your pool. My pool does not see a lot of sun, so min CYA of 60ppm works fine for me. Once the pool is open in the spring I’ll raise to 70ppm. I check my CYA every couple of weeks in the summer, if I get two 60ppm in a row, I add 10ppm. What’s your daily FC loss?
  19. domct203

    Using aluminum measuring cup for chemicals

    We are conducting pool care, not microbiology. Rinse the measuring cup out in the pool, scrub with a rag if it makes you feel better. Glass by the pool is a bigger problem when it breaks than getting every last molecule of acid out of the measuring cup. You are working with wet hands and...
  20. domct203

    Trying to Save Some $$$$ with Baking Soda

    Add Salt and go swimming. What goals do you have set? Pool Math tells you what to add based on current levels vs. goals. How did you get a phosphate level with the K2006? While low CH is not an issue for your pool, high CH can lead to scaling of your pool surfaces and SWG cell. Your CYA...
  21. domct203

    Confusing Pool Series of Events

    Have you corrected your CYA? It should be at about 30ppm for the SLAM
  22. domct203

    Sudden drop in CYA

    +1 You should always circulate the water for 20-30 minutes before taking a sample. Also, it’s best to take the sample from as far down as you can reach. I put my collection bottle into the water upside down until I’m in the water up past my elbow, then I flip the bottle over to collet my sample.
  23. domct203

    Salt water pool, salt measure result is much lower then TDS result what to do?

    Ignore TDS, as I already explained it measures ALL solids in the water. The big question here is if your meters have been properly calibrated recently. Is it possible to get the Taylor K1766 Sodium Chloride test kit in your country?
  24. domct203

    Adjusting CST correctly

    How are you getting a CYA reading of 45ppm? What test kit are you using? According to Pool Math your CSI is -0.59 (using 50ppm CYA). What was your target?
  25. domct203

    Salt water pool, salt measure result is much lower then TDS result what to do?

    TDS (total dissolved solids) is a measure of all dissolved solids in the pool (salt, calcium, cya, etc). It would be expected to be higher than just a sodium reading.
  26. domct203

    Accidentally left SWG on in boost mode overnight; 29 FC!

    Your CYA should be dissolved within hours. How much did you put into the sock? Is it in front of a return jet? Be sure to squeeze and knead the sock to help it along.
  27. domct203

    ph keeps returning to 6.5

    You really do not have a proper testing kit. Not only are test strips unreliable, you are only checking a couple of parameters of the pool chemistry. We need to know: FC CC pH TA CH CYA I’ve never heard of ‘pH stabilized chlorine tablets’. What was the exact brand? It would be helpful to know...
  28. domct203

    Which meter to know when to add salt, a salinity meter or TDS meter?

    Hello Alan, welcome to the forum. Have you researched the availability of the Taylor K-2006C test kit? Check Amazon or eBay to see if you can have that shipped to Thailand. The six main items that we check and maintain are (in no specific order): FC CC pH TA CH CYA If you are experiencing...
  29. domct203

    no chlorine or ph registering no matter how much I add and pool is cloudy

    Thanks for letting us know. Is it the K-2006C? When your test kit arrives, be sure to ask any questions you may have, and please post a complete set of results including: FC CC pH TA CH CYA It would also be helpful to know the CH, TA, & pH of the makeup water.
  30. domct203

    Possible Chlorine lock ?

    "Chlorine Lock" is a myth. Period. As long as you maintain the proper FC level based on your CYA level, your pool will be sanitary. [FC/CYA][/FC/CYA] If your CYA is truly upwards of 100ppmm, a FC of 9 is not high at all, and letting it go below 7.5ppm is risking an algae outbreak. As you...