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  1. domct203

    Concrete slab in Above ground pool

    If it’s a standard steel (or resin) walled pool, I would think the slab would be poured first so the pool can be set on top.
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    Help finding leak in intex top ring

    Our first pool was a 12’ x 30” easy set. We took it down for the winter, and by the end of the next season we had more patch than ring. We were adding air just about daily too. I don’t think the ring material holds up to the UV Rays very well, and the ring is destined to fail. I’ve read a few...
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    Intex owners: did you leave yours up over the winter?

    I use a standard cover pump. I leave an inch or 2 of water on the cover to help hold it down.
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    Closing A Pool With Debris In It

    Yes, without a doubt get some chlorine in there. Stir the water by brushing. It’s important to stir up the debris to expose everything to the chlorine. I would raise FC to 15-20% of CYA considering the debris and poor circulation. I’m sure stirring up the debris will consume some FC.
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    Closing A Pool With Debris In It

    How are you maintaining FC right now? That should be the #1 concern. Sure, debris in the pool is a PITA, but an algae bloom will be worse. I agree with the others, clear the debris after the storm passes. You have to at least wait until then to close the pool anyway......
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    Upgrading filter/pump

    Agreed. The Intex pumps will not pump too high over water level. I was going to put my solar on the roof, but I couldn’t get the Intex 3/4HP pump to get the water high enough to support a solar array. I put a 25’ hose on the output of the filter, and climbed a ladder to the roof. I had my wife...
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    Have Professional install or DIY?

    I think the hardest part of any AGP is the site prep. Some soils are harder to deal with than others..... Once the firm, flat and level base is complete, the actual setup is not too bad, just don’t try it alone. Get more help than you think you need.
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    Problems with intake fittings on Intex pool

    When you hook up the vacuum, are you blocking off the other suction port? How big is your pump and filter? The smaller Intex pumps are lousy to vacuum with.
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    Intex hoses leaking

    The Intex “B” adapters are made to clamp onto the 1-1/4 stubs coming out of the pool, and accept the Intex 40MM / 1-1/2screw on hoses. When I had an easy-set pool 5 years ago I tried them and one actually came loose from the pool, dumping about a third of the pool overnight. They only clamp...
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    Is this ok, or should we make it level???

    Yea, that’s a stress area, and the JB weld may crack when the liner stretches under water weight and moves in use. Keep a close eye on it. I would mark the length of the current tear with a sharpie so you can easily see if it continues to rip. Good luck.
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    Is this ok, or should we make it level???

    Mine has creaked for four seasons now. Could you post a close up pic of the repair area? Is the repair in a high stress area?
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    Getting a new AGP, have questions

    I’m on my fourth season with the pool, and I’m just now starting to see a bit of rust on the ends of the top tubes, and on some of the welds of the T connectors. I’ll touch up the rust at the end of the season, & I don’t see why I won’t get another 2-3 seasons out of it. Best $400 I ever spent...
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    Getting a new AGP, have questions

    I love my Ultra Frame. We chose to level a spot in the yard and have no regrets. The most important thing is that the area is flat, level, and able to support the weight of the pool. Always dig down the high spots, avoid filling the low spots. On concrete I would use a foam pad under the...
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    Rigid PVC plumbing question

    I used both, left the pipe on the ground. Three seasons with no issues. I put all the flexible Intex hoses in the garage for the winter, and blow out then cap all the PVC. The solar panels, pump and SWGs go in the house. Pool has been up since first fill, over four seasons ago.
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    Did you use concrete blocks under all the legs? As long as the water is within about an inch of level all the way around you’ll be fine.
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    Intex owners: did you leave yours up over the winter?

    I believe this is that thread.
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    Intex owners: did you leave yours up over the winter?

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you decide to take control of your pool (and $$) yourself this season. At TFP we promote self testing / self maintenance. There is no need for 'Winter Chemicals' & 'Saltwater Chemicals'. I close and open my Ultra Frame myself every year, the only thing I use for...
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    This is how I feel with all these big pools around here lol

    What are you using for a test kit? :wink:
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    Slight Haze?

    It has been proven many times here just how inaccurate they are.
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    Slight Haze?

    You should take a few minutes and review . All forms of pool chlorine come bound to something. For dry (powder/tablet) it’s Trichlor/Dichlor which adds CYA, or Cal-Hypo, which adds calcium. Liquid Chlorine, aka bleach, adds just a bit of salt.
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    Slight Haze?

    Our Seasonal Guide does not say to use Dichlor for daily chlorine additions. It says to use bleach. With every 10ppm of FC added by Dichlor, you also add 9ppm of CYA (stabilizer). Your CYA could be well into triple digits by now.
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    Slight Haze?

    That pool needs attention. The water is indeed clouded, which is usually from too low level of active sanitizer. How do you test the pool? As mentioned, it’s a small pool, and would most likely be cost effective to drain and start over. Are you following our guide for seasonal pools? Pool...
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    Intex large pipe to PVC adapters that work

    Thanks for sharing! I use the Game 40MM adapters. No leaks and it comes with gaskets and Teflon tape. : GAME 4560 40mm to 1 1/2 Inch Conversion Kit (For Intex Outdoor
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    Leaking PVC hose connections

    The 2” MPT connectors will be close, but not an exact fit, and will not screw down far enough to seal against the rubber gasket/washer. Some have used two or three rubber washers to get them to stop leaking. With the 40MM adapters I get no leaks.
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    We recommend that patio blocks be placed under each leg to prevent this. You need to drain the pool and re-set the legs on blocks. The blocks should be flush with the pool base. I used 1-1/2” thick blocks, then used 1-1/2” of sand for the base.
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    Leaking PVC hose connections

    Intex connectors are 40MM. Are you sure you are using the correct 'PVC connector"? I use Intex hoses with PVC, and for the proper connection I use the GAME 4560 adapter:
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    Bent Intex Ultraframe leg

    The leg is bending because the block it is on is too small. The block needs to be wider than the base of the support leg. Those legs are holding back over 40,000lbs of water. If this is how all the legs are supported, they are all going to be destroyed like that one.
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    Pool's milky green-ness seems VERY stubborn

    The half life of chlorine in the water is not a linear scale, as you get higher and higher above the ‘buffering’ of the CYA, the FC loss becomes greater. Also, using the OTO test outside of its intended range, and with dilution as well, will increase it’s margin of error. The best thing that...
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    Pool's milky green-ness seems VERY stubborn

    While I understand the financial situation of the pool owner, I just don't see how anyone expects to complete a SLAM with an OTO chlorine test. What is the plan for the ? You can't accurately measure a less than 1ppm drop in FC using OTO, especially at the FC levels being used that are well...
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    Above ground Intex pool / balancing

    I have an 18’ x 48” and 6700 gallons works perfect in Pool Math.