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  1. domct203

    Do I need to do the SLAM process if my FC is stable before closing?

    I open to a clear pool that does not need a SLAM, fourth season now. As mentioned, close cold, open cold.
  2. domct203

    Do I need to do the SLAM process if my FC is stable before closing?

    Once my water is maintaining 60F, I raise FC to shock level, hold it for 24-48 hours, then close the pool.
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    Closing My IG Pool Questions

    Looks to be the same as the Kemtek, should be fine to use.
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    Closing Intex 18x48 above ground prism frame pool

    I use the pump to get me below the skimmer and return, but above my other suction port. I can do this because when I added the thru wall skimmer I retained the original suction port. An inexpensive sump pump would work well for you. I use the pillows so the ice doesn’t expand only towards the...
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    Support poles stuck!

    Welcome to the forum! Could you post a picture of the connections that are troublesome? How big is the pool? This is the first time I’ve heard of an Easy Set style pool that also has metal support bars. Which Intex model is it?
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    Closing Intex 18x48 above ground prism frame pool

    I use a pool cover pump. Once it’s all frozen there’s not much to do.
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    Slamming salt water before closing?

    Once the water gets too cold for the SWG to operate you will be adding bleach anyway. I shutdown the SWG, then raise the FC to SLAM level per my CYA, holding it there for 48-72 hours before I close the pool.
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    Closing Intex 18x48 above ground prism frame pool

    More Intex info here. Intex owners: did you leave yours up over the winter? Here’s mine:
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    Pack up for winter tips and tricks needed for rookie index owner

    My Ultra Frame pool is frozen almost all winter. It’s been up four seasons now. I close just like any other above ground pool. I use an oversized cover so I can hug the walls on the inside, so there is very little pull on the side walls from snow/ice weight on the cover. I put a leaf net...
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    Chelated Copper vs PolyQuat for cold Wisconsin Winter Closing

    That's what I would do. Raise the pool to SLAM level and cover it. Run the pump and filter as usual.
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    Chelated Copper vs PolyQuat for cold Wisconsin Winter Closing

    Agreed. Once that water is frozen noting will grow in there. I close cold and clean, holding SLAM level for 48 hours before I cover. Water is always 60F or below, usually mid-October here. I open clear and cold, just as the pool starts to sustain 60’sF Nothing but chlorine.
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    AGP left uncovered for winter

    Have you seen this: Pool School - Closing (Winterizing) Your Above Ground Pool I raise my FC to SLAM level and maintain it for 48 hours, then drain below skimmer, disconnect equipment and cover. Once that water is in the 50’s, nothing substantial will grow.
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    Closing Intex Pool for the Winter

    +1 That will determine if you need to truly ‘close’ I think your biggest hurdle will be securing a winter cover to an Easy Set pool. This is the pool with the inflatable ring, correct? Easy Set® - Above Ground Pools - Store - Intex
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    When do you close your pool?

    I hold out until my water is 60, usually around the middle of October. Once the water is too cold to swim I put a leaf net on the pool to keep them out of the water.
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    Old School Closing

    As already mentioned we need more info, especially pool volume. 6 gallons of 10% bleach in a 30K gallon pool would raise FC to 20ppm 6 gallons of 10% bleach in a 10K gallon pool would raise FC to 60ppm Quite the difference.
  16. domct203

    Return Fittings...lube or no?

    I use o-ring lube on all threaded return fittings in the pool. It makes it easier to remove at closing. Just be sure it is not petroleum based. Silicone based is perfect for this.
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    Another filthy swamp story

    Hello Anthony, Have you picked up the Taylor K-1725 as Leebo recommended? Without proper testing, you are destined to repeat the tribulations of the past...... Baquacil Side Discussion - Page 2 Drop Test Combo, Biguanide, 1 drop = 5 ppm/Hydrogen Peroxide, 1 drop = 5 ppm
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    First time opening pool - a bit confused

    You are not SLAMming yet. Did you use Pool Math to add 10ppm of FC, then test in 15-20 min to get that 5ppm? As long as the pool is holding FC, it’s safe to raise CYA to 30ppm and SLAM.
  19. domct203

    First time opening pool - a bit confused

    You need to bring your FC up. Don’t add any CYA yet. Add enough bleach to bring the FC to 10ppm. Vigorously brush the pool over 15-20 min (you don’t have to brush for 20 min straight, but spend 20 mins brushing) then check FC and tell us what you get. If the FC is over 5ppm, you can add 30ppm...
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    First time opening pool - a bit confused

    Before we go any further, now that your filter and pump are running please post a complete set of test results including: FC CC pH TA CH CYA You said you know that CYA is zero, how do you know that? Was there CYA at closing? If yes, what was the CYA level at closing? Please don't add the CYA...
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    Startup and hello algae

    Did you follow the TFP closing info in Pool School? This is our fourth season following TFP, and I always open to a clear pool. The best prevention for algae is to close cold (less than 60F) & open cold (before the pool reaches 60F).
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    That’s the one I use.
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    Converting to salt/opening questions

    I also recommend you wait on the muriatic acid. I bought a gallon when I installed the SWG last season, used it once to lower initial pH, which remained stable at 7.4 all season.
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    Converting to salt/opening questions

    15 feet away is no problem. I have about 50’ of 1-1/2 PVC if you count the Solar Loop.
  25. domct203

    Converting to salt/opening questions

    Welcome to the forum! If you have algae, you will need to clear that before going to a SWG- it will never be able to keep up with the increasing chlorine demand as the algae reproduces. To completely kill the algae, you will need to follow our procedure. To properly complete a SLAM, you need...
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    The opening

    Sounds like you got this! Remember, the most significant thing is MAINTAIN that FC! Good luck!
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    The opening

    +1 And please let us know what test kit you are using.
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    Frozen pool

    Hmm, That pretty interesting how the edge of the pool is casting a shadow, but the person who is in that picture does not cast a shadow. How does that happen?:suspect:
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    Breaking ice in a fiberglass pool

    I also recommend you leave the ice alone. Why are you compelled to break up the ice?
  30. domct203

    Closing an above ground metal frame (Coleman) pool

    Just finished yesterday. The leaf net comes off once the trees are bare. I have been holding FC at 30% of CYA since Monday, Thursday it went to 40% (shock level) and was maintained there until I disconnected the plumbing and put on the winter cover.