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  1. domct203

    Are any of the current Intex SWG models worth using in an inground pool?

    I run two Intex units on my 6700 gallon pool, second season so far. In the peak of summer I ran them about 5 hours each and had no issues keeping up with FC demand. Right now I have one running 2 hours, and I alternate between them until they get put away for winter. I have a link in my...
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    SWG doesnt appear to be working

    Algae spores are microscopic, by the time you see green there are millions of them. I would guess that you have been fighting algae longer than you realize. Your SWG is already marginally sized for your pool when it’s “clean”, stress the water with a big pool party or algae and it’s never...
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    SWG doesnt appear to be working

    Is this the same cell from last year? You never replied to our previous questions. Do you have a FAS/DPD test kit? What size pool is your SWG rated for? SWG Recommendation
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    Circupool RJ+ conduit?

    Are there electrical knock-outs in both enclosures? If yes, you can use “liquid-tight” conduit and connectors. This is a flexible water proof conduit system, also goes under the brand name “Seal-Tite”.
  5. domct203

    Chlorine can't seem to get from salt cell to pool

    You have a chlorine pool that uses a SWG to create chlorine. While you should never have to regularly ‘shock’ any pool, it’s perfectly fine to add a bit of liquid chlorine (aka bleach) to establish your FC level, then dial in the SWG maintain FC.
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    Intex CS8110 Salt sensor question

    This is incorrect. The copper plates have absolutely nothing to do with chlorine generation. All generation is done by the SWG cell. They are there to add copper to the water as an algaecide. As a matter of fact, I have removed mine and the SWG functions just fine. The last thing I want in...
  7. domct203

    Salt test question...

    I find that when using the K1766 that when I see the sample turn pink, if I wait a couple of seconds it will fade back to milky yellow, then the next drop will always go brick red, just about every time. That is my endpoint. I go slowly with the drops because of that flash to pink. This is...
  8. domct203

    chlorine level and SWG

    How about posting a complete set of test results? FC CC pH TA CH CYA Did the pool pass all three criteria to end a SLAM? Or are you just randomly ‘shocking’ the pool? Regarding cal-hypo use, what is your current CH and CSI?
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    chlorine level and SWG

    Are you attempting to SLAM? With a CYA of 80ppm, your FC should be maintained at 32ppm.
  10. domct203

    Chlorine can't seem to get from salt cell to pool

    I highly doubt it is either, just wanted to know what we’re working with.
  11. domct203

    Chlorine can't seem to get from salt cell to pool

    Hello Lori, welcome to the forum. I see you have a 35K gallon pool, do you know what size pool your SWG cell is rated for?
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    SWG water killing grass

    I backwash my sand filter into my yard, maybe 4 times a season. I've been doing this for my second season now, no damage to the lawn at all. I target 2800-3000ppm salt.
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    Brown Filter, slightly odor to water, cartridge cleaning? Help!

    What test kit are you using? TC is somewhat misleading, what we need to know is the makeup of that TC, how much is FC and how much is CC?
  14. domct203

    SWG with fireman switch

    No need for the check valve. Just have your SWG’s timer turn off 5 or 10 minutes before the pump shuts off, to clear the lines. Besides, there’s no high concentration of chlorine to be concerned with, as already stated.
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    Sure, you can use the cleaner. What is preventing you from ending the SLAM? CC greater than 0.5ppm? Can’t pass an OCLT? It sounds like the water is now clear.
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    Following this thread, you’ve been SLAMming for 7-8 days, how does the water look? What is your daily FC loss? How often are you testing and dosing during the day? Are you brushing daily?
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    I think I’ll call it the “OCGT”, or Overnight Chlorine Generation Test” LOL
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    Did you set your FC target with bleach first? A SWG is not designed to raise the FC from zero. Use bleach to get the pool to 6ppm, then run the SWG to maintain the FC. You’re SWG is almost 2X the size of the pool, it should be able to maintain FC.
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    Your SWG was off for the entire OCLT? Your FC is too low for your CYA. Your daily target should be 6-8ppm, and never let it go below 4ppm. If you don’t have algae now, you will soon if you keep the pool at FC 3ppm. You really should have bumped it up with bleach last night when you saw that the...
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    Can the pool pass an ?
  21. domct203

    SWG Pool Saltiness

    All chlorine pools have salt in them, added from chlorine, muriatic acid & body sweat. pH (and not rubbing your eyes ‘dry’) is the key to eye comfort.
  22. domct203

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    Use bleach to get to your initial FC target, then use the SWG to maintain FC.
  23. domct203

    Out of answers

    If your pool’s FC is low, manually add some bleach to maintain it.
  24. domct203

    Intex Salt Water Generator (SWG) for in ground pool (IGP) Model ECO 8110 28669EG

    Good to hear. My pair ran great all last season, I expect the same this season. See the link in my signature.
  25. domct203

    Still salt in water the next year???

    Please re-read the process. It does not say anything about adjusting your CYA, SWG or not. It tells you that the shock level is based on your CYA. In the Details section it states:
  26. domct203

    Still salt in water the next year???

    Both those charts have the exact same SLAM shock level per CYA level. Shock FC level for a SLAM is always 40% of CYA. For a CYA of 60ppm, SLAM shock FC level is 24ppm on both charts. What am I missing?
  27. domct203

    Still salt in water the next year???

    There is no difference in the SLAM between a SWG pool and a manually dosed pool.
  28. domct203

    SWG - Adding Stabilizer but CYA still under 20ppm

    Re: SWG - Adding Stabilizer but CYA still under 20ppm 6lbs of CYA in your 35000 gallon pool would add about 20ppm to CYA. Did you put the CYA into socks first so it could freely dissolve, or did you just dump it into your skimmer?
  29. domct203

    Do people drain a lot their SWG pool before opening when they need to SLAM?

    I open to a clear pool every year. Do you follow the TFP closing recommendations? I drain down a bit at closing, so my CYA is usually around 40ppm when I open and top off in the spring (salt gets diluted too). I opened to a FC of 12ppm this year, it was a cold winter. Crystal clear and passes...
  30. domct203

    Pool Pilot autopilot manifold cracked emergency repair or bypass recommendation

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. A few pictures would really help.