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    Capacitor lead disconnected

    One end of your yellow wire has what appears to be a female disconnect wire connector. I am assuming that end goes to the tab on your start capacitor. The other end looks like it supposed to have a compression lug on it (hard to tell from the picture of the motor) A compression lug is a small...
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    Bringing my pumps inside for the winter?

    Google either "Hubbell" connectors or "Twist-Lock" connectors. I believe that is the sort of thing you are looking for. -dave
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    Clear PVC for discharge?

    I quick google search for "Clear PVC pipe" came up with dozens of places. -dave
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    Running PVC underground on AGP

    Sorry for the late reply. Here is my set up. This is under the deck - the skimmer is on the left, and the return on the right And at the filter itself And what it looks like from a distance Pay no attention to the uncut grass and the racetrack the dog likes to make around the pool...
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    Running PVC underground on AGP

    12" is more than enough. You are going to have to winterize the lines (in your case blow them out with a shop vac) so whatever depth you go to is only there to prevent damage, not to prevent freezing. When you do the plumbing, avoid hard 90 elbows and use sweeps if possible. Better yet, use...
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    Ground wire disconnected - re-connect?

    That is not a ground wire, it is a bonding wire and it should be attached. Chances are, your pool is not up to code anyway, unless it was installed less than 5 years ago or so. There should be a #8 bonding wire buried around your pool, with a bond to one of the pool legs. The bare bonding wire...
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    Are my motors dead?

    That one is not bad, but I take umbrage with him discounting analog meters. I can kick an analog meter and tell you how many it is to an open in a wire. You are not going to be able to do that with a DMM. Same goes for any sort of fluctuating reading, analog will tell you a lot more. But...
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    Auto-Fill Plumbing - Avoiding stagnant water and other Q's

    Re: Auto-Fill Plumbing - Avoiding stagnant water and other Q My gut feeling is that if you put in a standpipe, and covered the end that is open to the air with a filter (I am thinking cut a plug out of some open cell foam - like a small engine air cleaner. Then you would be ok just pulling out...
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    Pressure Gauge Plugged with DE

    When I bought a new gauge last night, I asked the guy at the pool store about it. His response was: "Yeah, it gets in there. It will work fine, untill there is enough to make it not work. DE and Chlorine is not the best environment for a gauge anyway." OK basicly, DE happens :) I guess it...
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    Pressure Gauge Plugged with DE

    I have a Haward Perflex EC-40 that came with this house. This is the first year having to witerize this pool. All season the pressure gage was acting up (you had to tap it to get it to read) so I knew I would be changing it. I broke down and cleaned out the filter yesterday, and took out the...
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    I found the leak, Now what???

    Screw clamps may very well work just fine. But the ear clamps also come in all sorts of materials, and they get VERy tight (if the correct size is used). they also come in different types, designed for different applications. . I have seen my share of screw clamps fail, usualy the cheap ones...
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    I found the leak, Now what???

    The fact you say "alternating directions" makes me assume you are using "normal" screw clamps - the kind you would find at Home Depot. If you ever have to use clamps again (and who doesn't) try using Oetiker clamps. They get crimped on using a special pair of pliers (if they run you more than...
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    Filter will not run

    First - is there water in the pump basket. The pump basket is the small canister (about the size of a coffee can) with the clear plastic top on it. Very slowly turn it to release the lock and then while keeping pressure on the lid, open the lid a little. This will let any air in there come...