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    Copper introduced by PT lumber sawdust?

    Copper does leach out of pressure treated wood (even the "new" non-CCA stuff) I can't tell you how much, or how it will effect your pool. Keeping your water balanced (pH, TA, etc all are recommended levels) will help to mitigate staining. If you really are that worried, you can add a...
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    Want to add borates and salt (to discourage drinking)

    I have three normal sources of water in my backyard. The dogs water dish - which is filled freshly whenever we spend any significant amount of time with the dog in backyard. The pool - which is borate free (for now) and is clean, and is right near the pool deck where the dog loves to hang out...
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    Borax and yellow jackets

    I dont know about yellow jackets, but borax works wonders on ants. They have to ingest it, so you have to put it in something they will eat. Mixing it in jelly works for sugar ants. Mixing it crisco works for fat eating ants. Just keep any pets (or small children) away. Yellow Jackts go...
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    Possible "shielding" benefit of CYA

    I wasn't sure what I wsa suggesting. Just sort of spitballing there. -dave
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    Possible "shielding" benefit of CYA

    Thats unexpected. Mixing of the water column has no impact. Hmmmm. Maybe I am overthinking this. It is *just* a pool. 4' to maybe 12'. It's been a while since I had waste water and hydro classes, but we were modeling much larger free bodies, and much greater depths where stratification...
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    Possible "shielding" benefit of CYA

    Interesting. That would make me think, that pumps should be run at night. That way the water can stratify during the day. The CL in the upper layers will be degraded, and the CL in the lower layers will remain protected by the CYA in the water column. Of course this is all predicated by the...
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    Possible "shielding" benefit of CYA

    Wouldn't pointing the returns up "mix up" the water surface, thus creating a scattering effect (and in your hypotheysis slowing the loss of FC) but at the same time mix up the water, allowing UV to reach areas where it might not have. I guess it depends on where your intakes are (bottom drain...