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    Featured A sad day at our house-bye bye pool :(

    The fact that connection points are a penetration through the protective coating is one reason for rust and eventually failure to occur at those places. The other reason is that they are a stress riser. Without going into a dissertation on mechanics of material, a stress riser is a point of...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    Yes, Cal hypo is essentially the exception, because I don't even think you can get lithium hypo anywhere anymore (or at least in packaging designed for pools). As you said, Cal Hypo brings its own set of issues. I just find it easier to tell people who are unfamiliar with any form of pool care...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    You get a slime bag from ... Slime Bag Home - The Slime Bag It is a filter fabric bag that attaches to the return on your pool. As far as learning about TFP techniques, I think the biggest take away lesson is understanding CYA and Chlorine. Chlorine in your pool water is "eaten up" by two...
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    Vacuuming technique question

    Once you kill all that algae, if you still have problems with the filter removing the fines, try a slime bag. I get pollen in my pool every summer, I vacuum it up, and it's gone for a day or so, and then its back on the bottom. I started using a slime bag when I vacuum, and leave it on for an...
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    Thank you. THANK YOU.

    Great news to hear. Earthwork by hand is hard. I think a lot of people don't realize just how heavy and how much volume a small project takes, let alone a pool. Just removing grass and topsoil is a pain by hand. .
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    Help with steps decision

    Mine are similar (white and not curved, but similar) Get the weights - especially if you are in Toronto and are going to take them out in the winter. It is a lot easier to detach the weights and take them out, and then take out unweighted step than it is to take out steps full of sand. On the...
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    Pool is always cloudy after vacuuming!

    I get pollen in my pool, and it looks a lot like an algae growth, but it's not (OLCT holds, no CC, SLAMing does nothing to help it) Vacuuming helps a bit, but most of it passes through the filter. Then I started using a slime bag. Now, I no longer have the issue. I vacuum with the slime bag...
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    New pool placement

    I'll take over verification of income over the "Give anybody an everybody a NINJA loan" mentality that got us into the last collapse of the housing / mortgage industry.
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    New pool placement

    Ugh, I though it was bad when I had to wait 8 hours for them to clear out of mine. I bought this house short sale as a result of a messy divorce (husband would not sign anything, wife had to get power of attorney, documents went missing, both decided that since they were getting divorced why...
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    Solar heat on an aboveground pool - worth it?

    I am around the same area as you (Northern NJ). As others have said, solar cover. Mine is on the pool almost all of the time unless somebody is using it. It is amazing how fast the temp can drop overnight if I don't put the cover on. My wife is the same way - to her 90 F is where it starts to...
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    Saltwater vs Chlorine

    I have a ABG, for 5 years I ran it with BBB, for the last 3 I ran a salt pool. My experience: BBB is easy, even easier with a chlorinator. SWCG is stupid easy, Almost too easy. Seriously, with the BBB method, I would buy 3-4 gallons of bleach at a time. My pool took a quart of bleach a day...
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    Skimmer faceplate crack

    An aquadoor is a snap on cover that goes over your skimmer opening and is used for winterizing. To use an aquadoor you have to remove the current skimmer faceplace and replace it with one that fits the snap on cover. Doug is basically saying, wait until winter and then replace your faceplate...
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    New pool placement

    I talked with my brother in law this weekend, who is an electrician, who just happens to have a contract with a pool installer, and has bonded about 20 pools so far this year. At least in this part of the country (Northern NJ) there are now pool specific lugs and screws (not bolts) that are to...
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    New pool placement

    Your local codes trump any advice you receive here. Your local inspector may or may not like sheet metal screws, who knows? Maybe they want them installed in a specific way. However, my advice is not to go with screws, either self tapping or otherwise - you are not going to get them tight...
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    Newbie Build - 27' Round AGP - Help Me build This OR ELSE

    Ah, I see them now. When they are right up against the pump and filter like they they are hard to see. Mine are standard pipe unions that I had laying around anyway, and since they were glue on, they are in the middle of the run.
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    Newbie Build - 27' Round AGP - Help Me build This OR ELSE

    That is a really nice looking job all around. In the too late to change it now department. 1 - I have unions on the piping leading into my filter and pump. But I am in NJ and bring my filter and pump in for the winter. I suspect that being in FL, you use yours year round. IF you ever have to...
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    Above ground salt pool

    Third season of salt in my no resin parts at all ABG. It has rust, but I highly doubt it is from the salt. The pool is +/- 15 years old. I myself have it for 5 seasons before I switched to salt, and I see no difference in the amount of rust I take care of. It's an old pool, things get...
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    How bad is this brace?

    Yeah, as somebody who is an engineer (OK, Civil, not Mech, but I did take courses in Mechanics of Materials) I would be leery about bending it back and reusing ti.
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    Skimmer faceplate crack

    Heck, I had a crack like that in mine for 2 or 3 seasons. I just kept an eye on it to make sure it did not grow.
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    How bad is this brace?

    I don't know about using EMT. Yeah, you could bend it with a conduit bender, but don't know what the working strength of EMT is as compared to the pool support. Heck, if you want to build your own, you could use sections of either black or galvanized pipe and threaded elbows. That is pretty...
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    Dirty pool cover cleanup?

    If there is a lot of crud, I spray it towards the skimmer. If there is just some, I just roll it up. Mine is on a reel, so the whole fold one side and pull it off the pool thing does not work fo rme. If I am taking it off because I am going to clean the pool, sometimes I just let if all fall in.
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    How bad is this brace?

    The crimp above the bend is more worrisome than the other bend. Are these indeed steel? You may want to take them to a welding shop and see if they can weld some angle iron or U channel onto/over the impacted parts. Should not be more than a few bucks for them to do so. Angle iron across the...
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    hard pipe hookups

    I would go with some sort of flexible connection as well. I don't have a soft sided pool, so I am no expert, but I would think that side and fitting will move and flex as people use the pool. Even if you were able to use a 45 or a 22.5 to somehow get it perfect, as soon as people get in the...
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    Can I walk on the top wall of a metal frame AGP?

    There are a few pools that are designed to hold a person - they specifically state so. Unless you know for sure - as in you have the original instructions from your pool install that state you can walk on the rail, then the answer in no.
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    New pool placement

    If you go with a 33' pool and a deck, and if you use a solar cover, think about how you are going to move, store, and replace the thing when you build the deck. I am in sort of the same neck of the woods as you, and my pool gets pretty much full sun all day. A solar cover extends our swim...
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    What Liner Pattern Would you get

    I went from solid to a pattern and I think the pattern looks a lot better. I have one like this, but without the "tile" border - just the bottom part everywhere. I think it looks a lot better, but the darker blue does fade a lot faster - you can easily see it when I move the pad under my stairs.
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    Pool water very unlevel

    Good for them, knowing their limitation and what they are equipped to do (and not do). Digging down is preferable to trying to correct what some other person did.
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    New here. Looking for advice...

    I did not realize the pile is in the area of the build. So yes, if that is where the pool is going, the entire pile needs to be moved, and the ground properly prepared. In addition to a geotextile, I would also like to see some sort of drainage plan to remove hydrostatic pressure from the...
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    Timer for Pump?

    If you are making chlorine (i.e. your SWG is running) you should have your pump running as well. In the case of the SWG you have, it is not necessary, but it is desirable, in order to distribute the chlorine. Part of that time is going to be used for necessary filtration, and the remainder for...
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    What comes first? Coving or sand?

    Those are my thoughts as well. I can see having a notch at the back, just in case you have some sand back there, but the track should be under the sand.