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    Leaking pool skimmer winterizing plug

    No ideal on how to improve the seal on the foam plug (I used one this year for the first time - I had to put at lot of pool lube on that thing). However, you could put a Gizmo in the skimmer. That would plug the skimmer pipe. The plug would still leak, but once the skimmer fills it should not...
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    Opening Pool & Solar Cover

    I leave mine on sometimes for days at a time. My take on it is this. I keep my pool clean, there is not much organic matter in there that needs to react with FC. With the solar cover on, nothing really falls into the pool (bugs, leaves, etc). so there is not much to react with the FC to create...
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    New 20 x 48 AG

    Re: New 18 x 52 AG TA will help to buffer your pH (keep it stable). Your TA could be another 10 to 20 ppm higher. Don't go too high though, if you goo too high with TA it will cause your pH to drift up. Don't worry too much about your CYA right now. CYA can take a few days to fully...
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    Super High CYA?

    Stabilizer is pretty, well, stable. It does not increase unless you add it, and it does not decrease unless you change out water. Are you SURE you did not add ANYTHING to the pool when you closed it. No skimmer sticks, no tabs in a floater, no bags of powdered "shock", no "oxidizing shock"...
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    Questions about SLAMming

    Two questions: How old is your bleach How old are your test chemicals
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    New liner, pool filled, water circulating,now what ?

    You can assume that your tap water now has 0 FC, and 0 CYA. You still need to test (and possibly adjust) CH, TA, and Ph - those vary with different water supplies. You shoudl add CYA (AKA stabilizer) but be careful. CYA takes a while to totally dissolve and disperse in the pool. Add it either...
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    Spinning my Tires

    This is how mine goes as well. Granted it only takes me 3 days or so, but it is a case of minimal progress for 2 days, and then it finishes quickly. I backwashed three time the year when opening. It all depends on how much fine debris is in the pool. -dave
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    Another year of opening the pool to crystal clear water !!!

    I wish my pool looked like yours when I open. I have opened to a green swamp the last two seasons. I blame the pool covers. The original one never leaked, I could syphon off the water all fall and winter and open to clear water in the spring. Now, I can't find a good cover. Eveything starts...
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    Closing and Getting Rid of Pool

    Even if it is not in good condition, there are people that will take it for free, especially if there is a lot of a aluminum parts. People take it for scrap value. You really should not have to pay to get rid of an above ground pool, and may even be able to make a few bucks -dave
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    D. E. Filter help/question

    Yes, with a broken finger you are going to get DE in the pool all day long. The good thing is, you can get a replacement finger quite cheaply. You can get them on line, or at the pool store. With a cracked finger, it will eventually tear the fabric covering, and then DE is going to go through...
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    Bubbles coming out of my return line...please help!

    No- not really. If you have a leak on the pressure side - after the pump, it will not cause bublles, but will instead leak water. If you have a leak on the suction side (before the pump) then it will be sucking air.. I GUESS you could have a small leak in a pressure side fitting where...
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    Pad under stairs

    I have a pad under my stairs. Its just a ribbed peice of heavy gauge vinyl. They are like $20 and you can get them almost anywhere on line. I'll tell you one thing the pad does do, it shows you just how much your liner has faded at the end of the season when you take the pad out. -dave
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    Bubbles coming out of my return line...please help!

    as James said, a leak in the suction side will cause bubbles. If you had a leak in the pressure side, then you would not have bubbles, but would have a water leak somewhere. The fact that you have bubbles to some extent in all three returns also indicates a section side leak. Check everything...
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    Is Shocking Necessary?

    Semantics. I think anybody who has spent some time with the TFP method understands that, at it's most basic level, what we want to do is bring the CL to a level where it will do its oxidizing job (that level being dependent on CYA levels) and then hold it there until it has completed said job...
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    Is Shocking Necessary?

    This was the first year I HAD to SLAM my pool at opening (because a lot of junk got into the pool). Normally my pool opens with clear water, 1 - 2 ppm of FC left over and only a trace, if any CC. I could just bring the FC levels up to normal and call it done. However, as a precaution I do...
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    Cloudy blue water

    Take those skimmer pucks out of there. they area adding CYA to your water, and eventually will raise it to a point where it is too high. 35-40 ppm (where you are now) is where I keep mine (at 40). Some people go a bit higher, but you don't want to go much more. -dave
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    Can somone recommend a good ABG cover that lasts.

    I have to close mine. First off, my pool is closed about 9 months out of the year. and during those 9 months, a LOT of stuff would fall in the pool if there was no cover. -dave
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    Cloudy blue water

    That could be it - debris in the middle. Espeically if you have leaves in the pool from over the winter. At SLAM levels of CL, leaves (and those maple tree spinners) begin to break down and "skeletonize". They are suprisingly hard to see on the bottom, even with clear water. They will continue...
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    Can somone recommend a good ABG cover that lasts.

    I have never had a problem with mice when storing my winter cover in the pool shed. My solar cover is a different story. Two winters ago they got into it and made a nest. Chewed the heck out of it and crapped everywhere. When I put it in for storage this year I put loads of bait traps around...
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    Can somone recommend a good ABG cover that lasts.

    Once again I bought the expensive, "super tough" cover for my pool (27' ABG) Once again, 2 season later it turns to swiss cheese. (and let a load of debris into my pool at opening) So, I will have to buy a new cover once again, for this years closing. Does anybody have any luck with a solid...
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    DE in Above Ground Pool

    They have "fingers" that hang down from the top - tubes covered with "socks" that work the same as grids. Only problem is they are bunched together more than grids, so its harder to see if there is a tear. To the OP, pull out the guts of the filter, and hose off all the fingers, and look to see...
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    Closing an above ground pool

    1) You don't HAVE to lower the water level. That is an option. Or you can plug your suction and return and drain the lines. There are a variety of ways to plug the lines. Be aware though that if your pool freezes deep enough, the ice can pull out a return plug (been there, done that). I lower...
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    Might as well close the pool!

    I love mine. It helps a lot. The problem is, I stored it in the shed over the winter in the storage bag (like a big garbage bag) that it came with. The field mice chewed right through that and made a big 'ol nest in the solar cover, so now my solar cover has some big chew holes in it. This...
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    Might as well close the pool!

    I am in the same general area as the OP. My pool was at 60 yesterday morning, and was up to 62 today. I think this swim season has ended. I am tempted to close it very soon - next year a liner change is in the plans, so I really don't care about water quality when I close. Kind of a sad...
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    Problem with Opening Pool

    You should hit shock level as soon as you add enough bleach. If your shock level is 20 ppm, you do the math based on the volume of your pool, add that much bleach and then wait. You monitor the CL level and if it starts to drop (because it is being used to combat organics in the water) then you...
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    Is "new more concentrated" bleach still ok to use?

    Wal-Mart around here does not seem to carry CL in their pool section - nor do they carry DE. They used to have DE in a 10 lb box. I had to buy a 20lb bag from the local pool store. But the 8.25% bleach at Wal Mart was a decent price. -dave
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    Awesome Opening

    I'm just south of you. Northern NJ to be specific. My pool was closed for 8 months. I cleaned it well before closing. Made sure I had no problems for a week before closing (I loose 1 ppm of CL on a normal day. I made sure that did not change) I ran the CL to 13.5 before closing and then drained...
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    Awesome Opening

    Thanks There were three little leaks. One around the bump shaft - went to the pool store and they sold me the wrong O ring, so a good dollop of lube solved that. One at the air vent. I am thinking there should be an O-ring or flat washer there, but the parts diagram does not show one - so...
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    Awesome Opening

    Opened the pool this past weekend Last year when I closed it I ran the CL up to 13.5 ppm Opened it 8 months later, at it was at 11.00 ppm! Clear and sparkly. Of course then it rained buckets and that threw any kind of chemistry off. It's sitting at shock levels right now - passed the OCLT...
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    For those that use bleach bottles to keep the cover down

    Hurricane Sandy update My 27' round ABG with a cover for a 28' round pool on it did just fine. All I had holding it down was the cable, but I make sure the cable is OVER the cover and that there is plenty of cover under the cable. My 4' x 8' air pillow somhow freed itself from its' ropes and...