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    HELP needed in closing Cabana for the winter

    Harbor Freight has cheap tarps and eyelet kits - especially if you only plan on using them for a few seasons. You get what you pay for. They don't last as long as some of the higher quality stuff, but they are dirt cheap. I have a 27' solar cover on a reel that i keep outside all winter...
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    HELP needed in closing Cabana for the winter

    Slats are not going to keep much of a PA winter out.
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    HELP needed in closing Cabana for the winter

    I would reach out to a boat top maker, a sail maker, or perhaps a convertible car top maker. They have the tools and skill to work with large, heavy, waterproof fabric. I would have them make custom sized panels, hemmed, with grommets, and would install them on hook on the inside of the...
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    DIY Exposed Pipe Outdoor Shower Plans?

    You could also go with threaded black pipe or galvanized pipe if sharkbites are to pricey and your skills at sweating pipes are sketchy. You can get sections of pipe cut to length and threaded for you at the big box store. As long as you measure accurately, and plan assembly ahead (so you are...
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    What the heck do you do with your solar cover?

    Mine is on a reel across my 27' round ABG. It stays on almost all summer. If we are not swimming, it is on the pool. I have two 4x4 posts off to the side of the pool. I put 1.5" PVC pipe into holes in the end of the 4x4 that the cover reel ends fit into. When we swim I roll it up, and it...
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    I have a gas grill and a Traeger on my deck, and neither are going anywhere. We sous vide frequently (especially London broils) but we do like a seared outside. Having to bring the Traeger up to temp just to sear kind of defeats the "ready whenever you are" aspect of sous vide. Yeah, a...
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    Accessories and must-haves?

    I'm in NJ, so like the OP, if it does not come in by October, it is going to take a winter beating. I have an ABG with a deck around roughly 30% of it. The one thing that I would say I will definitely recommend is shade. We have a 8' x 8' canopy on the deck. The frame is aluminum and it...
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    Water pups?

    I don't know if my dog likes the pool or not, and I plan on keeping it that way. He fell in once, while we were taking the winter cover off (he tried to walk across it), and I think that turned him off of the water. He goes on the pool deck, but never tries to get in the pool. Most likely he...
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    Sand. Stop me if this is a bad idea

    Agreed, and while I am not a big fan of pesticides and herbicides, I would treat the area with ground clear as well, then the fabric, then the rock.
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    Best pool I have ever seen in my life

    The man is a detail fanatic. I follow him on Facebook and he talks about measuring the pool, and then putting a final coat of plaster on to a specific dimension, so that when he sets tiles, there are no cuts in the wall corners. Check out the gallery on his website Rock Solid Tile, Inc.
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    Best pool I have ever seen in my life

    It is certainly impressive, from a size standpoint. From a design standpoint, there are a lot of pools out there that are jaw dropping. I have been following Jimmy Reed of Rock Solid Tile for a number of years now. In fact I somehow get free copies of Luxury Pools and Outdoor Living magazine...
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    Sand. Stop me if this is a bad idea

    Sand is just an invitation for all of the cats in town to use your yard as a littler box. I do get what you are saying about the beachy feel you want to have. On the Jersey Shore many people use crushed shells in their driveway and walkways (and even front yards). I am working on a parking...
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    Ideas for a phone app controlled tuner / amp

    I think that may be the answer, as a app controlled receiver is not going to controll the sources themselves. I like that iTach, epseically since it also has options for IP to contact closures - i.e outside lights, and other assorted things. It looks like I do it all from an all in one app on my...
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    Ideas for a phone app controlled tuner / amp

    I have an outside audio set up. Wired speakers to a tuner/amp that is inside the house. I feed multiple sources through that tuner/amp - FM Stations, DVD player, FiOS music channels, and audio off of an old PC (iTunes, RadioParadise, local stations feeds etc). Right now everthing is manual. If...
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    How to prevent weeds in rock around pool...

    Yes, the rack is for the solar cover. One of these days I am going to switch to a reel. I have no problem dragging to cover on and off, but everybody else in the family seems to have one. -dave
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    How to prevent weeds in rock around pool...

    I think it is the same stuff I have around my pool. It's hard plastic. Mine is now going on it's 3 year of use. Still working great. Shop Oldcastle 6-Pack 3.33-ft Black Plastic Landscape Edging Sections at Excuse the dead grass - water restrictions. I see you are in Fair Lawn -...
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    Need Cover up Ideas- had to remove diving board

    That would be my route as well. It's going to be faster and cheaper than any other solution. I am intrigued by the need for an electrical outlet under the diving board myself. -dave
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    Cheaper alternative for an Ice bin

    While not quite the same, I took a regular ol plastic Coleman cooler, removed the handles and hinges, and built a weathered wood (old cedar fence comes in handy) enclosure and hinged top around it. It sits on the pool deck. It works great. Using the one you want in a countertop would be even...
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    Add a wall behind the pool?

    Well if you are going with that much block, here is my "been there done that" advice. Get a cheap cement mixer from harbor freight. I hate mixing cement, and I hate interrupting the flow of a job to mix mortar. Well worth the investment (especially since I am doing some belgum block curbing...
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    Add a wall behind the pool?

    What do you mean when you say "block". Do you mean retaining wall blocks that you dry stack or do you mean moartered cement block. DIY cement block is a bear, and not cheap - I built a small planter (4 courses high and maybe 6' x 3' and it was not cheap, nor was it easy (conceptualy easy...
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    Putting rocks around Above ground pool

    Thats your bond wire. As long as your inspector has seen it, you can cover it with rock. You are not going to damage it. -dave
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    BGE or Gas Grill for Primary??

    While I don't have a BGE, I do have a dual fuel set-up. LP on one side, charcoal on the other, and smoker box hung off of that. I am of the same opinion. Charcoal is so much nicer. It has more flavor, I can control it better, and you get a better sear (burning natural gas of any kind produces...
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    How to deal with discharge from my deck drain?

    I use rain barrels. Keeping in the dirt cheap thread, no need to buy a fancy barrel. You want something that is food grade (you don't want to collect water in a barrel that stored chemicals, and then water your lawn with it). Look up your local importer of olives, or an Italian importer. A lot...
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    How to deal with discharge from my deck drain?

    Another vote for dry well. Not sure what the rules are in your town, but we have some very strict rules concerning surface water discharge around here. Not all towns have laws such as this, but many are moving towards them. Towns do not want runoff going into the streets, they want it soaking...
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    Hey......keep outta my pool!!!

    Safety cover with a padlock. You said it is rural. In addition to keeping unwanted people out, it will also keep out unwanted deer, rabbits, etc. A person I know here in town looked out their kitchen window to see their horse wading in their pool. Not sure you would have that problem, but...
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    Poolside sound

    I went old school - I had a couple of old drive in movie speakers. I cleaned them up, put new speakers in them, and mounted them around the patio. They run back to wired set up in the garage (tuner, amp, old but serviceable PC for streaming, monitor that dose double duty as a TV). They are kind...
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    Deck Staining/Restoring

    I did rustoleum restore on my deck - the 10X one. It was OK, but I was not thrilled with the way it looked or felt. I ended up rebuilding the decking after a year, and using behr sold stain on it. -dave
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    Landscaping Rocks for AGP

    I don't know if you can find them in black, but I used egg rock (2" to be exact) around my pool. I have 4 or 5 types of various stone in different places around my yard (owning a trailer and having a landscape company a mile or so away that sells by the 1/2 yard gets me in trouble). I like the...
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    Documenting My Build

    Looks good. Are you left handed ? -dave
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    Pergola addition

    Looks good. I guess I am too late to tell you that you could have removed that bolt, cleaned out the hole (with compressed air - watch your eyes) and then set the bolt back with epoxy (you could go super old school and melt some sulfur or lead to put in the hole, but good luck with that) I...