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    Who can taste the salt?

    3000 is about the threshold for me to notice it easily.
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    Constant adjustments or let it ride through?

    The FC is going to vary based sun, volume of water in the pool (evaporation and rain), organic load, and a bunch of other factors Unless there is some sort of major change (like you normally have your family of 4 swimming for 2 hours a day, and now you are planning a 20 person pool party on a...
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    Question about SWGs

    Just to add to the people who love their SWCG. I ran my pool with chemicals for 5 years or so. It was pretty much an everyday thing. At least basic tests every day, and adding bleach if not other chemicals as well every day. The SWCG has created some bad habits in me. Once I got it dialed...
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    Help with Hayward Chlorinator Install

    It does have a pretty long cord. My salt cell is next to my return, but I have a deck around that side of the pool, so my filter (and power) is 10 - 12' feet away. I was able to place the control panel right next to my filter (which is handy because I use the salt cell controller to run my...
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    Help with Hayward Chlorinator Install

    I am running the same SWG as you are As was said, the AquaTrol RJ does not have a flow switch, and therefor has to be installed in a vertical position where the return enters the pool. The reason being that when running, gas builds up in the cell. With the unit in the vertical position right...
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    As for your question about is 8 hours of pumping time enough - I would say yes, off the top of my head. However, you really need to do the math, but that can't be done untill we know the size of your pool (18' ABG , yes, but how deep, and is it a flat bottom) And what sort of filter/pump do...