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    Equipment in direct sun increase water temperature?

    The impact of the sun on your filter as compared to your pool temp is minuscule. Search for threads on DIY solar heaters. People have calculated the total temperature rise from homemade solar heaters consisting of 100's for feet of black tubing in direct sun with water circulating through them...
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    Louvered pergola

    I did some digging on Solara and found prices of $18 - $25 per S.F for the no-frills lighter one and $22 - $30 per S.F. for the heavier gauge one. They will also sell them as a DIY kit. The prices I saw were an installed price. When you add motors, posts, and other doo-dads the price goes up...
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    Louvered pergola

    Talk about timing. We are in the early planning stages of a hot tub, and are going back and forth about having it open to the sky, or under our deck. My parent-in-laws have one under their deck. After 10 years they are still on the same cover, and it looks brand new. My sister and brother...
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    Heat your pool with your AC unit

    Does anybody have any experience with this thing Heat Recovery Pool Heater | Compare To Solar Pool Heater | HotSpot Energy LLC Essentially it hooks up to your AC compressor, and instead of your AC using a fan to dump waste heat to the air, the unit circulates your pool water. So, the waste...
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    Wedding Cake Stairs

    My wife is no longer happy with the pool ladder - she wants wedding cake type steps. These things range wildly in price and style. Any general recommendations? Styles or brands I should look for or stay away from? Any particulary good places to order from? Thanks
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    Fountain for Aqualiminator

    I have a Pentair Aqualuminator - which will shortly be hard plumbed. I just hard plumbed the skimmer line and half the return but I did not realize I needed a special adaptor to hard plumb the Aqualuminator, so that is on order. However the increase in flow from just hard plumbing what I did so...
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    Pool Removal

    For some reason I though I saw "US" as his location. Now I see he is UK. Oh well. -dave
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    Pool Removal

    You may or may not have it. I would suggest looking in your phone book in the general information services. In the US the government awards one call center franchises. They cover a state, or a number of states. When you call 811, your call gets routed to one of these one call centers. Each...
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    Pool Removal

    811 - that is the government mandated national number for mark outs. Calling 811 in any location will put you in contact with your local one-call center who will then contact either the utilities or their contractors to come an do a mark out. All at no cost to you. -dave
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    Uses for old DE filter?

    Homebrewing. Some ideas - not fully fleshed out Fermentation tank Massive wort chiller An ungainly boil kettle The strangest serving keg I have ever seen A bright beer filter - puts all those people messing around with plate filters to shame. -dave
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    Unknown pool part

    That was my guess as well. You would only use it when running the cleaner. It mounts in the skimmer bottom and the cleaner hose would attach to the other end and go out the skimmer door. In theory they work as describerd, some also have a hole in the side with a spring loaded door in it so that...
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    Ice rink in an Intex -- would it work?

    I agree - errant skate cuts, or a fall and that wall is gone I don't know what your budget is, but they sell side walls here. ... plies.aspx I have never used those products, I happend upon that site from a link on a pool supply company a few months...
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    Covering AG pool surrounded by a deck

    Is the deck above or below the coping? If it is below, you only need a 1/2" or so (or less, I think I have about 1/4") of space to get the wire into. The excess cover can lay on the deck as long as the wire is under the coping. If the deck is on top of the coping (or flush with it) then you...
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    Solar Cover "Alerternates"

    Not sure if it helps, but when i was a kid my neighbor had a free form kidney shaped pool. Any solar cover he bought would have had to been odd shaped and had a lot of waste. His wife worked in the shipping department of some company and "acquired" a large roll of "Bubble wrap" and he made...
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    Is propane too expensive?

    .60 center per therm is the current natural gas COMMODITY rate in the NY area. Unless you have your own LNG tanker, you are also going to be paying a delivery charge (and maybe a balancing charge) for the use of your gas companies pipeline - that comes to about another 40 cents per therm. Still...
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    Border around AGP

    We are planning to put river rock around ours. It is round, and nicer to walk on with bare feet. Yes, landscaping fabric is a must, or else you will be hand pulling weeds forever. If you are not adverse to chemicals, a good dose of ground clear would not hurt either. You want a ground clearing...
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    Is propane too expensive?

    I have a friend who is at this very moment installing propane to heat his IG pool (here in Northern NJ). He does have NG at his house (his grill is on it in fact) but decided to use propane for the pool. It has not been installed yet, so no operating costs, but the propane company will not...
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    Heart rate monitor and swimming

    If that is the case, then waterproofing the HRM should do the trick. Looking at mine, there are no exposed electrodes, so you should be able the pot it in something. That would make changing the battery a PIA of course. -dave
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    Heart rate monitor and swimming

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that it has to do with the tranmission of the radio waves between the HRM and the watch through a medium that has a lot of free ions in it (Salt water Na+ and Cl-, or just Cl-). Wrapping the watch and/or HRM is not going to help, you need to clear up the...
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    Vacuum head question

    Mine was weighted - it has sand or gravel or shot inside of it, you can hear it in there. I just weighted it even more by adding the dumbell :-D -dave
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    Vacuum head question

    I have an ABG pool and a triangular head vaccum. When I was a kid, I used to take care of my neighbors gunnite pool from time to time, and they had a rectangular roller vac. Those are indeed so much easier to use. I debated buying one, but my thought was that if I had a small wrinkle in the...
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    Few Questions about a diy "pool heater"

    One other thing to consider if you do want to go the DIY route is the size of the tubing. Larger tubing is more flow, but it also does not conduct heat to the center of the tube - it is all about surface area. Water in the tubes will tend to be laminar flow, all the flow lines are paralell, the...
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    Grout Haze Removal

    In a pool - I have no idea. I suppose water chemistry plays a major role in it. Indoors they can last a lot longer than 10 years, provided there is no major movement of the tile / substrate. -dave
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    Grout Haze Removal

    Sanded is just unsanded with sand added. Unsanded will not bridge large gaps easily. Concrete shrinks when it dries (well cures actualy) - unsanded grout in a large grout joint will shrink enough that in the future, cracking of the grout can occur. 28 days is the rule of thumb for grout to...
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    Grout Haze Removal

    Grout is not waterproof. Not the grout in your pool nor the grout in your shower. (Epoxy grout being a different beast). Tile is not waterproof either, and neither is the cement board behind you bathroom tile (thats why you hang a barrier or membrane), or the gunite or shotcrete in your pool...
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    Grout Haze Removal

    If you need a little more "power" to get the haze off than a rag provides, instead of a white scrub sponge, cheesecloth is what most people use - at least on bathroom and floor tile. Really, if you have to use acid, you have way to much grout left on the tile, much more than a haze. -dave
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    Under water pool lights

    What kind of pool do you have? At 45 years, whatever it is, it is showing it's age. I know with my light, if you leave the lamp in over winter, it can be damaged (old owner did that - $50 for a new bulb) I pulled the power supply from the pool, and tested it on the bench (and got 13.4 V) then...
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    Under water pool lights

    My 12 volt transformer reads 13.4 V across the leads when bench tested. they are pool light sources, not refrence voltage generators, I don't think the tolerances are that tight. With mine at 13.4 volts it lights up my 12 V bulb just fine. I have never measured what it reads with the bulb...
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    Stripped Hayward Nut / Newly Disgruntled Hayward customer

    Re: Stripped Hayward Nut / Newly Disgruntled Hayward custome The other thing to remember is that you don't have to crank down on it until the bones in your knuckels crack. The steel band that goes around the tank is what is holding the pressure. It keeps the top from popping off of the base...