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    leaves and debris

    Leaf rake. Can't see them because your water is cloudy? Sounds like the pool guy is full of it with the phosphate remover. However organics in the pool will consume chlorine. Scoop as much as possible out, then shock shock shock until you hold a shock level overnight, filtering 24/7 until...
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    Hi, from Fl. panhandle!

    Good luck. Don't wait though, get some bleach in the pool or the algae will get away from you, quickly. Did the pool store happen to run any tests you can share?
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    My ears were burning, so I thought I should drop by...

    That was me :) I did qualify my statement with "from the outside looking in...", as I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about you. I read your comments in that particular area, and have not looked at any other part of your blog. I was not attempting to pass judgement, just sharing how...