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    skinny dipping?

    8' fence in town, all the time after dark 8)
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    The world's most crowded swimming pool

    I'm sure there's a long line at the bathroom... or not :cry:
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    looks like poolforum finally went offline....

    It's a conspiracy of the big pool chemical companies... They're trying to take us out :)
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    Whole house water filter

    For maximum filtration, what about reverse osmosis?
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    Pool Service

    My dad paid $100 a month plus chemicals, with a separate charge for opening and closing. Only for water balancing and chemical maintaining. Cleaning the filter, vacuuming, etc was extra based on an hourly rate, and he had to pay for the DE and provide the vac equipment. His bleach cost for...
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    Things you shouldn't feed your dog

    Thanks. I've forward this home for required family reading :)
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    Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

    Well, my wife's a blonde, our two kids are girls and I practice regular sexual harrassment :)
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    Kinda pool related, but kinda not (Pool shed and critters)

    Re: Kinda pool related, but kinda not (Pool shed and critter Looks like you answered your own question... :)