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    Pump Problem

    It's inside. If you look into your pump strainer with the basket removed, the hole that goes into the pump leads directly to the impeller chamber. You could make sure the power is off (pump un-plugged), take out the basket and stick your finger in the chamber to see if you can feel any...
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    Pump Problem

    I'm by no means a pump expert, but is it possible that the impeller is blocked and it's the thermal overload kicking the motor off?
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    liner question

    You know what makes me mad? When you have all kinds of these problems, you measure yourself, and find your pool isn't quite standard (self install by previous apparantly drunk homeowners), so when you need a new liner, you do an internet search and find out you can measure your pool EXACTLY and...
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    DE filter pressure frequently high

    grivera, if you PSI drops back to normal after a backwash and recoat, the grids are not likely clogged.
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    Soon-to-be hole in vinyl liner

    Left over liner should work fine.
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    Julie's Pool

    I have that filter. You're gonna love it. Works fantastic :)