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    Help me Im drowning in baqua goo....

    I've found CYA to be pretty much a comodity. I've used several brands over the years, all with the exact same results. If you want to avoid the pool store, Walmart sells the HTH brand in a 4# canister.
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    Should we convert?

    I can't quantify the costs for you, but for me, in you situation, I'd go BBB without hesitation. You are right, good idea to replace the sand while you're at it.
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    my 5th year on Baquacil - I converted

    Congrats! When you test during the day, has your pool water been circulating for some time, or do you shut your pump off and let the pool sit? Since you stated above that you sometimes lose 1-2 ppm FC overnight, something may still be in the pool consuming it. You may want to consider...