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  1. rodog123

    My 2nd pool Build... Quote What do you think?

    More pics/renderings of pool design
  2. rodog123

    My 2nd pool Build... Quote What do you think?

    Let me know what ya'll think of the pool quote below Likes, dislikes anything I should add? We like the builder and quote as they are willing to take care of everything landscaping and sprinklers. . I will be requesting to add another light. Backyard is limited in space long, but not very wide...
  3. rodog123

    Help with new gunite pool in Houston

    Agreed ditch the sun shelf, we never use ours. Ditch the auto fill, don’t need it just put hose in pool or Let rain fill it.
  4. rodog123

    Outdoor Kitchen build in Houston

    Looking good neighbor!
  5. rodog123

    BGE or Gas Grill for Primary??

    Gas/Propane is very convenient for everyday during the week grilling. I just got my 1st propane grill this summer and love it. From everything that I'm reading the Webber Genesis is built very well, I've heard nothing but rave reviews on quality and workmanship. On the weekends when you have...
  6. rodog123

    Porcelain tile

    Has anyone tried using porcelain tile to cover their ODK? Is this even a viable option given the potential weather conditions and stress? would hate to have cracked tiles everywhere...
  7. rodog123

    Have you seen these cabinets...? Thoughts?

    Have you seen these cabinets...? Thoughts?
  8. rodog123

    A year later, the ODK has started...

    Just curious, all the builds I've seen have used cement board then granite/tile on top.
  9. rodog123

    A year later, the ODK has started...

    Looks great, - do you plan on laying cement board down for the granite?
  10. rodog123

    Vision Grills

    Thoughts? pricing is below the BGE and Primo.
  11. rodog123

    Outdoor kitchen framing materials

    Check this out... Thoughts?
  12. rodog123

    1st Pool Build - Freeport, TX

    Congrats Home Stretch!
  13. rodog123

    Looking for design feedback - South Florida ODK

    Quick Question. If you install these prefab pieces would you just use a landscapping adhesive to secure?
  14. rodog123

    Dry well/french drain

    I saw that, great alternative to paying thousands of dollars to hook up sewage.
  15. rodog123

    So why are you building a pool NOW??

    My wife an I both graduated from there. c/o of 2008 and she was c/o 2006. Good to see my fellow Coogs doing so well!
  16. rodog123

    My ODK build progess *** COMPLETED***

    Can you give me a ballpark estimate what you spent on the steel studs and cement board?
  17. rodog123

    1st Pool Build - Freeport, TX

    Looking good!
  18. rodog123

    A country boy's pool build...Dean, Texas

    Looking good! Congrats man.
  19. rodog123

    About to adventure into building a Barbecue Island

    Looking good so far! Can you tell me what you used for the footer to hold the frame off the ground? What type of material is that and where did you get it?
  20. rodog123

    New Pool Build - Conroe, TX - LOTS of pics! Come say hi Y'all.

    Congrats on your build!! Looks great!
  21. rodog123

    New Pool Build - Conroe, TX - LOTS of pics! Come say hi Y'all.

    Home stretch congrats!! Will it ever stop raining in Texas???
  22. rodog123

    New Pool Build - Conroe, TX - LOTS of pics! Come say hi Y'all.

    We have spraydeck you can see the colors we chose in my build link I have a close up. Spraydeck is an epoxy coating that goes on top of concrete, stays pretty cool in in the hot Texas sun. Bullion Coatings did ours, I believe they are the only certified installers of true Spraydeck in the...
  23. rodog123

    Keeping a dirty deck clean?

    We purchased one of these about 3 months ago and love it. Helps especially when cleaning up bird droppings,bugs etc. Hope this helps.
  24. rodog123

    Alternatives for stainless steel storage drawers, doors, etc.

    There was a build on here where someone used wooden doors. I thought it turned out really nice. I agree I will spend the cash on grill but doors and cabinets just hurts.
  25. rodog123

    Ribs to honor our military, past and present.

    Nice, looks good!
  26. rodog123

    So-Cal backyard bar

    Man that is sweet! Hats off to you sir!
  27. rodog123

    So-Cal backyard bar

    Will the pizza oven be pre-fab?
  28. rodog123

    So-Cal backyard bar

    Nice, what kind of batteries do you have on your solar panels?