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  1. MikeFL

    Should I seal bottom of my screen enclosure with caulk/silicone?

    Our pavers have a bit of a texture to them which creates a small gap between the enclosure frame and the pavers. We have a significant number of gnats / ants inside the screen each morning and I am assuming they are coming in under the screen enclosure: Video of the gnats collecting in our...
  2. MikeFL

    Construction started 2/3/20

    Perimeter was framed out Monday, dig and re bar Tue - Thursday, Construction Friday, Shooting Gunite right now (Saturday).
  3. MikeFL

    What is the right depth for Sunshelf?

    Moved from here.. Wrong depth...please help! Hi, came here to look for feedback on the right height for sunshelf ... is 6-9 inches the amount of water that you believe is ideal? Our project will begin next month so have not broke ground yet.
  4. MikeFL

    Screen Enclosure - How Tall, Hip, Gable or Mansard

    We just signed our contract, our dig date should be in February. Looking for feedback on our screen enclosure, here is the last design video (we removed table and increased size of tanning ledge, but close enough): We put 8 foot walls in our contact, should we consider 10 feet or is 8 enough...
  5. MikeFL

    SwimWays Chaise Lounge - Do you have one?

    Spent some time reading through the Chaise Lounger threads and I'm looking for someone who has purchased a SwimWays Chaise Lounge for their sun shelf(link to one below). The Amazon comments have several positive comments from buyers who use these on their sun shelf, most drilled holes to fill...
  6. MikeFL

    Finally time to install a pool in our FL home

    Hi everyone, I am just getting started contacting contractors with a goal of having a pool in sometime in 2020. One of our contractors is known for selling Ozone so I hit up Google this morning to learn about Ozone vs. Salt vs. Chlorine and found this group - I have so much to learn!! After...