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  1. lmnconn

    SJ55 and chlorine production

    This is my 2nd year with my SJ55. I know they don’t start generating chlorine until water is above 60 degrees. Mine really kicks in and seems to work better once water hits a steady 80 degrees. In the 60-70 degree range, it barely keeps my FC at 4ppm. I’m guessing the water temp is the reason...
  2. lmnconn

    Pool’s open!

    I I I II think I’m ready. This was taken on the deep end, 8ft. Deep
  3. lmnconn

    Savi melody light replacement

    I saw an old post where someone was asking about replacements for Savi Melody lights. There wasn’t much of a response to the old post at that time. I understand Savi has been purchased the Jandy. Does anyone currently have any recommendations on color changing replacements? I can buy the Savi...
  4. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    Just installed a circupool SJ55 and I don’t think it’s producing as much FC as it should. When I run the SWG for 12 hours on 75%, the highest my FC goes is 6. The same holds true if I turn it up to 100%. I called Circupool and they gave me the run around about phosphates. They also recommended...
  5. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    We will be opening our pool soon and have been testing the FC. We do not cover the pool in the winter and once a month we add some chlorine just to be safe. The water is crystal clear, but there is a lot of dirt on the bottom. I have dug the leaves out of the bottom and keep big debris out. Our...
  6. lmnconn

    Opening pool today

    I just added a gallon of 10% chlorine FC 10 CC. 0 Ph. 7.2 ally. 110 CH. 200 CYA. <30 Water is a little cloudy. I don't have the pump running yet to circulate and get honest numbers. I know I need to raise CYA (targeting 30). Will do OCLT to see if I need to slam. We've been filling...
  7. lmnconn

    Chlorine consumption seems off

    Let me post my numbers first: FC. 8.5 CC. 0 Ph. 7.8 TA. 100 CYA 70 CH. 180 (Using Taylor test kit) OCLT done several nights and may use .5 at the most, so things seem good there. Water is sparkling, crystal clear. During the day I wil lose 4-5ppm chlorine. This seems like a lot of loss...
  8. lmnconn

    Pool with lights

  9. lmnconn

    No pool store!!

    Don't mean to brag, or anything; but I have only been to the pool store one time this year!!
  10. lmnconn

    Our hard work paid off

    This is the pool my husband, brother in law and I built (with help from many friends too)
  11. lmnconn

    Ph rising and alkalinity dropping

    Last year our pool was new and we used trichlor pucks. We had no troubles with the pool and was very easy to maintain, however; after just one 3 month season, the CYA went up to around 90. We drained several inches and refilled several times toward the end of the season. Then drained below...
  12. lmnconn

    Size of Dipper in Taylor test kit?

    I just received my Taylor test kit and was eager to use it, only to find there is no dipper for the powder used for the chlorine testing. Does anyone know the measurement of one scoop?