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  1. BadDogPSD

    Which Intelliflo Should I get?

    Looking to switch to a variable speed pump in conjunction with adding an IC60 and probably ScreenLogic2. I've narrowed it down to these three options: Intelliflo VS 011018 Intelliflo VS 011028 (newer version of 011018?) Intelliflo VSF 011056 From what I've read here, the variable flow isn't...
  2. BadDogPSD

    Does this look like DE?

    Cleaned my cartridge filters today and washed quite a bit of this out of them (Pentair CCP420)
  3. BadDogPSD

    Thinking of getting a SWCG

    Seems like most that go the salt water route are very happy with the results. We've been going through +/- a gallon a day of 10% chlorinating liquid, but I suspect that may go down since we put the solar cover on last weekend. All of the equipment is Pentair, controlled by the Intellitouch...
  4. BadDogPSD

    First day testing

    Did my first test today using the Taylor K2006 kit. I also received my TF-100 kit yesterday, so I'm going to use that tomorrow. These are the results: Water Temp- 71F Free Chlorine- 6.0 Total Chlorine- 7.2 Cyanuric Acid- 90 PH- 8.0 (acid demand test was 2 drops to get to 7.6) Calcium...
  5. BadDogPSD

    Time for a new heater?

    We are newer pool owners and our pool & spa are heated with a Pentair Minimax NT. The heater quit working about a week after we had the pool company open the pool for the season. It's displaying an E05 - Blower code. A quick search pointed to the run capacitor and since it was only a few...
  6. BadDogPSD

    New TFP Member!

    Hi, just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. We moved into a new house with a pool in January and haven't had a pool in close to 30 years so I thought I better start educating myself. Looking forward to getting to know everyone! Craig