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  1. sambot

    Old metal coping questions: where can I get the joint covers, and can I paint the coping?

    I have some metal coping around my pool, and the joint covers are all old and broken or gone. Where can I get new ones? Also, can someone tell me about making it look better? What are my options without removing it?
  2. sambot

    First timer clearing out the lines with a single skimmer, no deep end - questions!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time back since you all helped me get my swamp to a beautiful oasis! First of all I have read this guide: Pool School - Closing an In Ground Pool but I have read conflicting information on the forum and elsewhere so I wanted some personalized advice. So far this...
  3. sambot

    My mystery pool from green to clear

    Hi all, I wanted to share my success with the TFP SLAM method so far! My husband and I purchased our first home in May and it was a foreclosure with many problems, especially with the plumbing. The house wasn't winterized until March (so useful!) and we had a lot to do inside before we could...
  4. sambot

    Budget Pool House inspiration

    When we bought our house, we were surprised to find a makeshift garage-turned-pool house. The other side is screened in. There is an old garage door to the alley but it is so rusted it won't open. It had some green astro turf and dark wood paneling. I didn't get before pictures of the inside...
  5. sambot

    In-ground pool steps/ladder suggestions?

    I am working on getting my pool cleaned up. In the meantime, I need to order a ladder or stairs for my in-ground pool. The pool is 4ft deep all around without built in stairs or anything. They threw out the ladder when they cleaned out the house before we moved in :pth: I like the idea of...
  6. sambot

    I reused the sand from my old sand filter, but now I'm not sure if I have enough sand

    Can someone give me a visual approximation on how much sand should be in my Hayward s244t sand filter? I'm not sure how much sand was in the old filter. Enough to almost fill a 50 gallon garbage can . The sand goes within 12 in of the opening. I did fill it with some water when I was filling the...
  7. sambot

    New pool owner of a house that was foreclosed - figuring out the puzzle :)

    Hi from West Virginia! My husband (user Crepes) and I recently bought & moved into a home that was a foreclosure. That mean no disclosure about the pool! So far we learned that the old sand filter was busted, so I am currently installing a new Hayward sand filter. Pump is pretty new and good...
  8. sambot

    Question about plumbing to my new filter

    Here is a picture of my new filter in position and almost ready to be plumbed. I have never worked with PVC plumbing (or any kind for that matter) and need some help figuring this out. The pipes don't match the old filter. Is there an extender piece that I can use to make the pipe taller? See...
  9. sambot

    Should I reuse the sand from our old sand filter?

    I recently bought a house that has a pool and the filter was broken so we bought a new one. I don't know how long the sand has been in the old filter but it looks good I think? Here is a picture for reference. Sand - Album on Imgur I already took it out of the old filter.
  10. sambot

    How do I remove this multi-port valve from this old sand filter?

    I cant see any way to unscrew it. Here is a picture: Pool filter - Album on Imgur