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  1. lmnconn

    Closing in Northwest Missouri

    I’m in St. Louis,MO area and we still have not closed either. Today, my water is at 61. I keep cleaning the skimmers and removing the leaves. My SWG is still producing and I’m keeping my water balanced. It is usually the end of October before we close. This is our 8th year. Everyone around me...
  2. lmnconn

    Planned to open today but..

    We are near St. Louis, MO. We opened last weekend. Our temps are usually similar
  3. lmnconn

    Help choosing SWG

    I wish I would have bought the RJ for that very same reason. We were leery of changing to salt because of potential damage to equipment and our concrete pool deck. Now I have the SJ that doesn’t produce unless I’m at 4200! The water is definitely salty and worried about damage from salt that high.
  4. lmnconn

    Help choosing SWG

    Currently, my FC is high because I added liquid chlorine last night. FC 7 Ph 7.6 Alk 90 Ch 130 CYA 70 Salt should be at 4200-(haven’t checked yet since I just added last night) CSI -0.1 Pool passes OCLT and water is crystal clear. Pic of salt cell is attached.
  5. lmnconn

    Help choosing SWG

    I’m using the Taylor test kit, same as you. I was at 4000 and just not getting chlorine production and not seeing any bubbles in the salt cell. I added one bag of salt last night, which brings my level up an additional 200ppm. I stirred it around and let the pump run all night without the SWG...
  6. lmnconn

    Help choosing SWG

    I have a Circupool SJ55. I have to keep my salt above 4000 for it to work. Had I known I needed such a high level of salt, I probably would have bought a different system.
  7. lmnconn

    SJ55 and chlorine production

    This is my 2nd year with my SJ55. I know they don’t start generating chlorine until water is above 60 degrees. Mine really kicks in and seems to work better once water hits a steady 80 degrees. In the 60-70 degree range, it barely keeps my FC at 4ppm. I’m guessing the water temp is the reason...
  8. lmnconn

    Pool’s open!

    I I I II think I’m ready. This was taken on the deep end, 8ft. Deep
  9. lmnconn

    Savi melody light replacement

    Thanks, we did some research and found some lights locally. They weren’t cheap, but did have a 3 year warranty available. Treo LED lights with 6 lockable colors and 2 color change modes. They’re a completely different style than the Savi Melody lights, so hopefully we will get more years out of...
  10. lmnconn

    Savi melody light replacement

    I saw an old post where someone was asking about replacements for Savi Melody lights. There wasn’t much of a response to the old post at that time. I understand Savi has been purchased the Jandy. Does anyone currently have any recommendations on color changing replacements? I can buy the Savi...
  11. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    I pass the OCLT with the pump running.
  12. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    Oh, got it. Will check that. Thanks! BTW, it is producing more now that I have bumped up the salt.
  13. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    I do the OCLT with everything turned off. I have 0 to only .5 loss. I have my salt bumped up to 4000 now and did get a little higher FC level reading. I’m going to raise it up to about 4200 so it falls within range of what the tech at Circupool recommended. Hopefully I’ll find the sweet spot...
  14. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    I have bumped it up to 7 with chlorine. It stays there overnight, but drops in the sun. I've been running the SWG from 3PM to 3AM. I check my FC before the pump and SWG come on at 3PM, when the FC should be at it's lowest point. I will lose 2- 3 PPM on full sunny days. The SWG will bring me...
  15. lmnconn

    How much FC should a SWG produce?

    Just installed a circupool SJ55 and I don’t think it’s producing as much FC as it should. When I run the SWG for 12 hours on 75%, the highest my FC goes is 6. The same holds true if I turn it up to 100%. I called Circupool and they gave me the run around about phosphates. They also recommended...
  16. lmnconn

    Went from being saltwater curious to a bit confused about my chlorination identity

    My normal FC loss is 3ppm when my CYA was at 40. Plugging in the numbers into the SWG Run Time Calculator shows higher FC production than what I am getting from my SJ55. That is part of my reason for concern. Yesterday morning, I bumped the FC up to 7 with LC and ran the pump all day at 50%. 10...
  17. lmnconn

    Went from being saltwater curious to a bit confused about my chlorination identity

    Thanks for posting your questions and results. Please keep posting your results. I am also going thru this same thing. We just converted to SJ55 and fired it up on Monday evening. Ran it at 75% for 9 hours and it only brought the FC up 1ppm overnight. I bumped it to 100% last night and it...
  18. lmnconn

    Net chlorine loss

    Even though you just bought the chlorine, it might be leftover from last year's stock at the store. I seem to run into problems every year since I open my pool in April. By mid May the issues resolve and I'm assuming it's because they have sold all the old chorine and finally have fresh. I...
  19. lmnconn

    Southeast Missouri Pool Opening

    I just opened mine today. Water temp already 68 degrees. That's warmer than I normally like to open, but my water is clear and 0 CC. Now I will just need to watch my skimmer baskets because they fill with debris rather quickly. I'm in Missouri too, so I've had close to the same weather as you...
  20. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    I am not trying to maintain SLAM levels, now that I know the OCLT is fine. Now I am just trying to maintain FC. And I am circulating the water, but I'm sure it's not as good as using the pump. I'm just trying to make sure to maintain my FC until the pump is up and running. Just trying to stay...
  21. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    No, I haven't added anything but chlorine. Had another cloudy day today and rain tomorrow. Maybe I'll be able to test CYA this weekend. My variances in FC may just be not getting the water circulated enough. We normally don't de-winterize until the end of April and I normally don't start testing...
  22. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    I went ahead and tested the CYA in the house. It actually shows a little above 40. (Using lighting inside the house)
  23. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    I am purchasing my chlorine from my local farm store, so it probably is leftover from last season. I doubt they've sold enough this early to need to reorder. It is 10% (to start out with). Like I said, I had one gallon do virtually nothing ,while others seem to raise it as normal. It's hit and...
  24. lmnconn

    Will FC drop faster than normal with old chlorine?

    We will be opening our pool soon and have been testing the FC. We do not cover the pool in the winter and once a month we add some chlorine just to be safe. The water is crystal clear, but there is a lot of dirt on the bottom. I have dug the leaves out of the bottom and keep big debris out. Our...
  25. lmnconn

    I know it's really early but when to open?

    I am also in the St. Louis area. This will be our 5th year of opening our pool. Generally, we open when the water is around 58-59 degrees. (Close when it drops just below 60 degrees also). Usually our weather is steady enough in mid to late April to hold water temps just below 60. We have never...
  26. lmnconn

    My friends think I'm nuts...

    I just don't say anything anymore. It's like telling someone how to raise their child. I guess being a little OCD about my pool helps because I never mind checking my water and adding a little chlorine. It literally takes 5-10 minutes a day. Maybe I'm just cheap, lol. And I am definitely one...
  27. lmnconn

    2016 bleach prices

    Buchheit farm store in House Springs,MO has 10% for 2.99/gal. When you buy a case (4 gal), they give you 10% off all season. Currently, they are running a sale: 1 case for $7.96. There are other Buchheit locations in Missouri and I think a few in Illinois.
  28. lmnconn

    When to open above ground pool in Illinois

    I'm really glad to hear so many in similar climates are opening their pools too. Nobody around me opens their pool this early (non of them use TFP). They all think I'm nuts for opening the pool so early. They wait until Memorial Day weekend and by then, they open up a swamp. My pool has...
  29. lmnconn

    Opening pool today

    4 days later, vacuumed twice. Much better. Ready for it to warm up!!