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  1. Stubbs

    Slammed pool and changed filter sand

    I slamned our pool, and changed filter sand went with a red sand from oklahoma, it came in 20 lb bags and 120 lbs of it is equivalent of 300 lbs of the white sand, also had bbs or fish weighys on bottom bu drain, once i could see with goggles on it was easier to get out the foreign debries...
  2. Stubbs

    Pool stuff

    I have what looks like an antique pool cleaner, and my pool is green, but roofers dropped tons of stuff in it as well, nails metal a hammer shingles etc.... should I drain it or slam it then clean bottom? I have a pool vacuum thing to is it okay to use or should I wait?
  3. Stubbs

    Hello all, I'm new to having a home pool..

    Hello all, I'm new to pools we have an inground pool it's a pool liner. And its 20ftx40ft going from 3 ft deep to atleast 9ft deep. Pool guy said he thinks its 25500 to 28k gal. It uses a sand filter, and I use aquacheck test strips.
  4. Stubbs

    Kinda new to inground pools, this ones 20x40 going fron 3ft to i think 9ft. Im just guessing but i think its 25k to 28k on gallons of water. Is that c

    Pool is 20x40 going from 3ft to I think 9 ft, is that between 25500 and 28k gallons of water?