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  1. cfclay

    Thanks TFTestKits, just got my stuff

    So here's my results, my pool was mostly green last week as I was fighting with high PH. I think I have it under control. It's grey and cloudy, I can see the last remnants of an algae center to vacuum out to waste. FC is high because I've added a gallon of chlorine each day while I waited on...
  2. cfclay


    Ive been in this house and pool for my second year and have never had a problem until this year. I ran a fountain for a short time in the spring after opening and I don't feel like I've never got my PH stable. Now I have a swamp. I would have just SLAM'ed but I let a family member borrow my...
  3. cfclay

    Ideas for netting or other tips to have accessories close by

    I just put up this 0' pool last year. This month I built a 10'x10' deck and it is shoved up against the pool in a way where there is a 30" opening for the ladder/entrance to pool. We have a "wedge" or triangle of space available, shown in the red circle, where I was thinking of somehow putting...
  4. cfclay

    Start up - no chlorine available-Dichlor-PermaSalt

    I’m helping a family member start of a pool. They just bought the home. It is not near my home, so I had to travel this weekend and encountered some issues: 1. It had a PermaSalt system. I knew nothing about that- but so now. We Weill remove this and replace with a SWG. 2. I didn’t realize that...
  5. cfclay

    Replacing Perma Salt system

    I'm helping my family member open up a pool and see that it has the Perma Salt system. I've been reading, mostly on my phone (so it has been short) today and it seems that this is not a salt water system at all, eh? Well, what to do next? We are slamming. They would just as soon go...
  6. cfclay

    Help with water on cover

    I have the little giant and that small attachment that shoots water off the cover. All is good except for the water that remains on the upper right in this picture. Wonder what makes the pool cover do that?
  7. cfclay

    Finally have trees!

    Greetings y'all! It's been a while. I moved this year. Bought a 31' round, 21k gal pool and loving it. Haven't had any issues. I think in part , because I took advice of my pool contractor and just let pump run 24/7 for the last 16 weeks. I know some of us will debate that, but the...
  8. cfclay

    4 weeks in

    Just moved and installed a new pool and I'm a little unfamiliar with the Saltron Retro system; but it can't be that much different than others in principle. FC:5.5 PH: 7.8 TA:110 CYA:70 I know how to adjust the PH and TA, but I was curious what the forums thoughts were on the FC of 5.5. I think...
  9. cfclay

    Backyard ideas- deck and ladder

    I bought a 30' Trevi pool and am working on completing my oasis. Only been in the house for 60 days. I hate to say this, I have no ideas- and my costs are mounting up. I was looking at a deck to bridge the area between the patio and the pool...but I'm out of money for this season...
  10. cfclay

    Filling 'er up

    I'm about 24 hours into the fill on my 30'. Just relocated for work and wanted to go big. What are some ideas out there to enjoy your pool and not spend a fortune with all of the trim around the pool? Here's a link to pool: New photo by Carlton Clay Relationship to house...
  11. cfclay

    Another extension cord question

    I'm buying a 30' above ground pool. Until I can get an electrician to come out and run me a line to the pool; I'm going to run an extension cord to the pool. It will likely be 50'-75'- running a Pentair SD-40 1.5 hp system with a Saltron Retro Salt Water Generator. I have a new outdoor GFCI...
  12. cfclay

    What changed?

    I used to read this forum on the Tapatalk app and now it won't pick it up anymore. Any body else have this issue?
  13. cfclay

    Simbio 30 above ground for salt water pool

    I'm moving again and this time getting a 30' above ground. I've had an Intex with a salt water system for the last 6 years and come to enjoy that. The simbio is not an aluminum pool someone (not the dealer) pointed out to me. Is that less than ideal? See dealers suggested an all aluminum pool.
  14. cfclay

    Whats some used equipment worth?

    I’m taking down an Intex 22’ today as I’m moving and buying a bigger pool in new location. I have an Intex Sand filter, pump, salt system, hydro light, automatic cleaner, and Hayward in wall skimmmer. I was thinking $125. Your thoughts? Would make for a great upgrade for someone.
  15. cfclay

    Another Intex unit with low salt reading

    I put in about 120 pounds (in 40 lbs increments per day) after getting the low salt warning. This was before I had my water checked. I need to order a salinity gauge but had it tested at Leslie‘s. Salt: 3700 FC: 7 TC: 7 CH: 50 CYA: 60 (store reading, I say 70) TA: 60 PH: 7.4 Phospates: 300 ( I...
  16. cfclay

    Why does Intex recommended 20-40 cya for SWG

    Sorry if this has been asked before...just noticed Intex recommends 20-ppm for CYA for Model 7110 and 8110 Salwater System. Wonder why? TFP recommends 70-80 right?
  17. cfclay

    Reuse backwash?

    Howdy folks, it's been awhile. I didn't want to unroll my 100 ft backwash hose and I had an idea. I had this old doughboy sand filter housing and I thought I would see if I could put the backwash water in there and let the junk settle to the bottom and see if I could pump the good water (...
  18. cfclay

    Easiest way to connect Intex 1.5" hoses

    I started off on a project to add a hayward skimmer, and I got in less interested in the project and wanted to just get er done. I'm happy with where I'm at except for now I am going to back to order the hoses I need to get my Intex above ground cleaner going again. One of the photos shown...
  19. cfclay

    Water so blue, but not clear

    I've been slamming since Tuesday, and I vacuumed before I started. On Friday I had some help looking at the top of the intex skimmer while I vacuumed, so that I can stay focused on covering every inch, and they can tell me when I'm on a "hot spot".-Apparently there was still some debris, a...
  20. cfclay

    Intex SWG startup, confused on adding CYA

    This intex manual says to add 2.6 Lbs of CYA to my size pool. Seems odd, because shouldn't the instructions for that be based on a goal compared to your current level? I'm at 40 ppm, so adding this would put me at around 70 ppm which is ideal for a salt pool I read. When do you add the CYA...
  21. cfclay

    High Ph, now low and loving it

    I opened my pool and the PH was so high, I added 32 oz of dry acid and it seemed like there was no effect. Then added 64 oz of 20% Muriatic Acid and now it is 7.2 I added 3 gallons of 10% bleach , made mistakes in doing so- calculation was for 365oz of 6% bleach, turns out I was using 10 %...
  22. cfclay

    Upgrades to 22X52"- need some ideas

    I'm in year 4 of this house, going to keep nursing this intex pool, and then when it goes- who knows what's next! I'd like to add a skimmer this year and I could some some tips,tricks and pictures of how to do the plumbing. I already have an intex fountain and I would like to be able to...
  23. cfclay

    Intex salt system

    I have a 1650 gph intex sand filter and wanted to go to salt system this year. For a 22' intex pool and equipment that I have, there's only one intex unit to buy isn't there? Runs about 90-100 dollars online.
  24. cfclay

    Intex 22 foot round cover

    Has anyone ever used this before? I bought this before Labor Day and was excited to pull it out of the box. It is exactly what you need for 22 feet, not much more. It has a material similar to the Intex tubes or rafts, and it does not allow for you to weight down the cord around the pool like...
  25. cfclay

    Why CYA drop?

    Take it easy on me pool Forum gods. I have several posts asking for help. I started with wondering why not just close pool in Arkansas in September- specifically what costs less, operations till water goes 60 degrees or the cleanup of a algae filled pool next spring. You convinced me to...
  26. cfclay

    Wait until pool water is 60 degrees to close?

    I'm in Little Rock and just bought a new cover and was looking forward to closing after labor day when I freshen up on the closing instructions in this forum. Seems to me the cost of cleaning up green pool in May is less than the cost of maintaining a pool for the next four weeks while i wait...
  27. cfclay

    What is the best material to put around an above ground pool

    We moved in this home 3 years ago, and I did not think we would have lived here that long. We have a 22 foot Intex pool and last year I put a load of red wood mulch around the pool. It seems like for whatever reason over the course of the last 2 years the area in front of the pool and to the...
  28. cfclay

    Does Dichlor lose its effectiveness?

    So I had a beautiful pool for two months straight using bleach only, but it starting getting hot and I wanted to raise my CYA from 40 to 50.... With my Dichlor I had from two years ago. I suspected that when I added some two weeks ago (to give my CYA a slight bump) that it didn't seem to have...
  29. cfclay

    What the ????

    We've had some crazy flooding, so I did not think anything about the water that wasn't draining near the pool. But when it didn't go away – I started noticing that my water is dropping about an inch a day. I say not just one hole… But three! And my other homes, I stayed there up to eight...
  30. cfclay

    What happened to "Devasting Day" thread

    Did he end up just buying a new liner??