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  1. jza1736

    Salt water bromine generator install

    I own Premium leisure 982 spa. I decided to ditch the bromine floater sanitizer and add an in-line salt water bromine generator. I've been happy with the bromine floater, but I don't like that it only lasts 3 to 4 weeks. And if your not constantly checking it, it is easy to run low or out of...
  2. jza1736

    A question for the Mason and stone guys

    This is the start of the coping. Is this how it's supposed to look on a curved edge? Is there a better way? They have cut them and laid them, but have not been set yet
  3. jza1736

    Some questions for the plumbing experts

    I have some questions for the plumbing experts. I made sure when I was PB shopping that the pool would get 2 skimmers and 4 returns. So now the plumbing is 99% done and I only see 3 returns and the stair jets. 1. Do the 2 stair jets count as a return? 2. the stair jets are plumbed seperately...
  4. jza1736

    Has anyone seen the Pentair MagicBowl water bowl in person?

    I'm thinking about adding these to my build, but I'd like to see them in person. Anybody see them up close or own them? Thought or impressions? Pentair - MagicBowlâ„¢ Water Effects
  5. jza1736

    New Oasis on Long Island

    Just signed the contract with our PB. We will be building in the fall. He designed everything and we are very happy with it. Can't wait to see it come to life. Only thing we are not doing are the fire bowls. They will be bowls with lights that spill into the pool. Hayward cartridge filter 2HP...