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  1. Joe Garcia

    AA Battery Leaked in Plaster Pool and Stained. How to Remove?

    My son threw a AA battery into the pool, and it was there a while before leaking and leaving a stain on the pool floor. It's a regular alkaline battery and not a rechargeable one as maybe one is a different metal from the other. I hear Ascorbic Acid might help, but also causes staining. I...
  2. Joe Garcia

    FC not dropping for days. Should I be Worried?

    In SW Florida this time of year, it rains everyday for about 30 minutes in mid-afternoon. I normally have to put in 32 oz of bleach every other day to keep my chlorine in the 6-7 FC range. I haven't added a drop of bleach in four days. Over the last many days my FC has stayed at 7 although its...
  3. Joe Garcia

    Borates: Will it Raise My TA? Is 20 Mule Even Cost Effective at This Point?

    I want to take the plunge on Borates, but I went into Pool Math and using the Borax method of adding, the calculation for my pool raised my TA by 110! My TA is ok at the moment at 100. What I've read says get your TA down to the lower end of the scale before adding Borates. Even if I got my...
  4. Joe Garcia

    New Pump, Air in System, Bubbles Coming Out of Returns, I Can't Figure it Out

    I recently switched from an old 1 hp pump to a Hayward 1.5 hp model. Things seemed to be working fine but my water pressure was very low coming out of the returns. Pressure at the gauge was 25 psi. I then changed filters 4 days ago and now the water is coming out of the returns at max...
  5. Joe Garcia

    Pool Measurement Help Needed!

    When I bought my home I was told that the pool was 15x30 at 12K gallons. Years later I measured myself to find out my pool is 14x28 so now I'm clueless about volume being the pool slopes into the deep end. I saw on another thread that Pool Math had (has?) a volume calculator, but I don't see it...
  6. Joe Garcia

    Do I Re-SLAM After Heavy Rain??

    I conducted a beautiful first SLAM a week ago and my pool became crystal clear. We had a day of bad rain here in SW Florida and my FC went down to 1. I was away from home and lost a day to bring the FC back up. I got the FC up to to a 6 after 24 hours but the damage was done and algae showed...
  7. Joe Garcia

    SLAM Question

    While SLAMMING, or just as a general setting, should my valves for the skimmer and the bottom drain be open to 100% or maybe all filtration go to the skimmer just while SLAMMING?
  8. Joe Garcia

    Liquid Chlorine- How Long Does It Keep It's Potency?

    I'm buying 10.5% Hypo from Leslie's and I'm in the middle of my first SLAM. SLAM is working great, but how long can the 2.5 gallons last before losing it's potency? Second question, maybe not for this thread, but how do I know how much chlorine to add during the SLAM? If I need to get to 15...
  9. Joe Garcia

    New Member - Joe Garcia from Ft. Myers, FL

    Hello Everyone, I just stumbled on to TFP when trying to find out why my 12,000 gallon pool wont hold chlorine. Most of what I read said I have Chlorine Lock. Then I come on the forum here and the members say Chlorine Lock doesn't even exist! Sounds like my pool...