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  1. Dadofthree74

    Intex Ultra XTR owners: Winterizing Cover

    any kind of tarp? How do you secure it to the pool?
  2. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    @kellyfair that looks like non intex tubing.How did you attach that the the plungers?
  3. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    Yes you could cut the liner at the intake. I cut the liner at the return to increase the flow back to the pool. When I looked earlier this year Intex did not have the larger intake valve available.
  4. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    You could do the double plunger. It was not available at the start of covid when we put in the pool. So I did this instead. Ran 1 hose from intake to pump. This valve is the oem valve
  5. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    I guess it depends on if you are going to run 1.25 in hose or 1.5 in hose. Your flow will be limited with the 1.25 hose and t junction. If you are going to stick with the t junction and 1.25 hose I think you need these. Intex part 25007 this will let you connect the 1.25 in hose to the pump...
  6. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    You need the 1.25” to 1.5” adapter INTEX 1.25" to 1.5" Type B Hose... I did not keep the t junction. if you want to keep the t junction then you will need more hoses and more adapters and more plungers.
  7. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    You have what I got with our pump. You can use the plunger valves, but it works without it. I find the plunger valves to be helpful. Here is our return. here is one intake. Outside pool and inside pool. here is my other intake attached to my skimmer and pump. I capped one intake to...
  8. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    I think some pumps came with more the one valve. My pump only came with a return valve. (Water back to pool) mine did not come with the intake valve but some older ones have. Can you attach a photo of the valves received with your pump?
  9. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    Utility knife is fine. That’s what we used. Which valves came with your pump? Ours only came with the return valve. We have two plungers. On the return side and one on the intake side. I only use one intake that is attached to my skimmer. The other one is capped. Maximizes Suction through...
  10. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    Our 2800 gph pump only came with a new return/outflow. The intakes are still 1.25 inches. There a vids on you tube. I used the Tupperware bowl technique to minimize water loss. . Also Make sure you have a sharp exacto knife. And mark the new return with a sharpie on the inside edge of the...
  11. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    I use the zip ties to take the weight off the return. Cheap and easy. I have the intex vacuum that attaches to the RETURN. So it does Not go through our filter. It’s works well and we got it at the start of covid and it was cheap. the net is your skimmer net or leaf net. I take it off the...
  12. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    Agree the weaker pump is not going to move the debris and dead algae at the bottom. Our large pump 2800 gph did an ok job but no the best. slamming the pool, vacuuming (intex vacuum), a lot brushing several times a day to get the algae off the bottom to get filtered. alternatively you could get...
  13. Dadofthree74

    Pump recommendations

    I have the 15x42 in intex pool. We upgraded to the 14” sand pump. Intex. The bigger pump the better flow and turnover of water. But the sand won’t kill algae. SLAM process will. I agree the pump won’t make it clear up the algae. Bleach is your friend. Lots. We slammed our pool and used...
  14. Dadofthree74

    Researching Intex AG Pools - Looking for Advice

    We have 3900 intex pool. 1. We first had a 12” intex sand pump but got the larger 14” intex sand pump. Works great. either size would be fine for your pool. 2. we also use the Intex skimmer and vacuum. 3. lastly we do have a swg. Have the 15,000 gallon. While the pump and swg maybe to large...
  15. Dadofthree74

    Taylor or e- salt meter

    Thanks for all the replies. I was surprised the Salt was not lower with the Taylor test. We just got a lot of rain. Had to increase my cya. I’ll re check again tomorrow Before adding salt. My water is still clear and the Fc is fine. My swg does not have a numerical read pit of salt level...
  16. Dadofthree74

    Taylor or e- salt meter

    I bought the salt meter while waiting for the Taylor kit. Today Taylor salt kit 2600 Electronic salt meter 2100. Supposedly pre calibrated. which to trust? I thought the Taylor kit has some deviation but 500 ppm?
  17. Dadofthree74

    Is a 10” intex sand filter too weak for a vacuum?

    I don’t understand the question? I
  18. Dadofthree74

    Is a 10” intex sand filter too weak for a vacuum?

    Yes our pulls. I started my filter and disconnected the skimmer and it pulled my had to the intake. This is how it looks. Again I capped one side
  19. Dadofthree74

    Is a 10” intex sand filter too weak for a vacuum?

    What kind of vacuum? have you tried using the black cap to plug the inlet not attached to the vacuum? I’m not sure how many gallons your pool is. we have a 15 x42 (3900 gallons). We had a 12 in pump/filter. We upgraded that to a 14” (0.6hp) intex pump/filter. we are using the intex vacuum and...
  20. Dadofthree74

    Replacing Intex Aerator Inlet While Pool Is Full Question

    You are wanting to replace one inlet with another while the pool is full? When we upsized our intex 1.25” to 1.5” inlet we had to cut a hole in the liner with the pool full. Scary but did it. We placed a Tupperware container over the existing inlet with someone inside holding it. We are put a...
  21. Dadofthree74

    What the heck do you do with your solar cover?

    Can you upload a photo please?
  22. Dadofthree74

    What's your current pool temp?

    We are hovering around 84-88 degrees. Solar cover.
  23. Dadofthree74

    How close to cut foam base around an intex pool?

    I would cut a few inches. You can leave the 1.5 ft and then trim it after the pool is filled or filling. We ended up with excess foam on one side then the other. We trimmed and tapped it. We trimmed it after the pool was full. We put our foam on the pavers and the feet on the foam. But we only...
  24. Dadofthree74

    How long does a TF100 or K2006 kit last?

    I’m in my first month of having a pool and this forum. I am Like a mad scientist with the Taylor 2006c. I test the chlorine and ph daily ( twice a Sometimes) so I get a feel/trend of what the pool is doing. I have had to order some extra refill regents including the fas-dpd (r-0871) and the...
  25. Dadofthree74

    FC/CYA salt question

    new to pool ownership and have swallowed the TFP ways of life. i have been tracking my FC from morning to evening. losing about 3-4 ppm FC daily when kids swimming and cover off; keep pool covered o/n; o/n run pump 10-11 h and swg for 10 h (increase fc by 3-4 ppm) pool cover comes off around...
  26. Dadofthree74

    Where to put plunger valves on new pool set-up

    Can you tell us about your T joint and how you did that. If you have posted before is there a link ? Looks like you cut one end of the flexible intex pipe and glued it to a 1 1/2 in T joint. Did you add anything between the T joint and the tubing? Thanks
  27. Dadofthree74

    15’ Intex , first pool, 3rd attempt putting it up

    We just made sure the top rail, legs and pavers were level. We were off by an inch or so. I tried to follow above group pools on YT. this is our first year. Your pics look good.
  28. Dadofthree74

    Intex Automatic Pool Cleaner

    The thread is different on the return valve then outlet to the pump. The vacuum will attach the outlet/suction but it is not supposed to work that way. We are going to put in the 1.5” valve on the return this weekend. It fits the 1.5 “ return that came with the sand pump.