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  1. Ramrise

    Clorox salt?

    Sam's Wholesale has it in stock. I put 3 bags in last week and haven't noticed anything unusual...yet. I'll watch it though. It's hard to mess up salt. If your pool's PH is correct the stains on the bottom will usually go away.
  2. Ramrise

    In love with my new Pentair IntelliPH automatic acid doser

    Can you give a rough estimate of the cost of your unit, whether you installed it yourself and where you bought it? It looks simple enough to do it yourself but the electronics might be a bear if I know Pentair.
  3. Ramrise

    Pentair Chlorinator Burn out after 3 years use

    I agree. Three years is too short of a lifespan. You may be able to make a Warranty argument but Pentair will probably say no. I just replaced my IC-40 and only spent $520 with free shipping. I thought it was a good price. Ebay seller was y-notpoolparts. Just copy and paste: Pentair...
  4. Ramrise

    Pool Light Tripping GFCI

    Most likely the GFCI is functioning properly but they do fail on a rare occasions. Before you go to the trouble of replacing the GFCI, do the following steps. 1. Turn off all the pool equipment and remove power from the control panel box. 2. Remove the high voltage cover plate from within the...
  5. Ramrise

    Valve Actuator CVA-24T has stopped working

    This turned out to be much easier of a fix than I ever imagined. If you have this same problem, you can probably fix it in less than 5 minutes. Apparently the gears just freeze and need a gentle "giggly giggly".:bounce: 1. Turn off your main pool water pump. 2. Remove the handle from the...
  6. Ramrise

    Valve Actuator CVA-24T has stopped working

    I have a valve actuator (CVA-24T) that has stopped rotating. When I place the switch to On1 or On2, I can feel the motor inside trying to work but the gears apparently are frozen. Is this a serviceable device? The cheap-skate in me is probably going to open it up and take a look inside...