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    Feel like I'm spinning my wheels here

    FC 16 CC .5 pH 7.5 CYA 50 Alk 150 Started trying to get my pool blue again last week. Been brushing the pool surface every evening and putting in 2-3 gals bleach to keep it at 16. Every day when I get home from work the water is mostly blue, but extremely cloudy. I know there is pine straw and...
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    White algae (I guess) on floor of pool. Safe to swim?

    All levels are good. Pool turned green on me last week. Got it slammed, now it's sparkly blue with what I guess is dead white algae on the floor. Can the kids swim in it?
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    Mustard algae? I just don't get it!

    It started near the end of summer last year. Does that sound right?
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    Mustard algae? I just don't get it!

    I've had my FC levels at 40 for the last week. CYA is 50, pH is 7.8. I can't get rid of what I thought was mustard algae. I pass the OCLT. The pool is clear. I brush and backwash, but within 24 hours it's reappearing on the bottom, never the sides. I have stuck a water hose in my sand filter, to...
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    Is this algae?

    Not a great pic, but it's spotty all around the shallow end, and in the deep end it sits in the corners and ramps. Kinda light brown in color
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    Is this algae?

    So, every day I come home to this. I run the dolphin and it's gone, but tomorrow after work it will be back. I've SLAMmed. Yesterday FC was 11.5 at around 2PM. Today its 9 at noon, so I think had I done the test yesterday after dark and this AM before sunrise it would have been in the 1ppm OCLT...