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    How high is too high for FC?

    Opened up the pool lazily a few weeks ago. T-cell not cleaned and a HEAVY storm lead to some Algae. Pool rose about 4” from the rain. Yesterday I brought FC to 12 ppm with CYA at 50. Had 3lbs CYA in a filter sock thing and at the end of the night figured I’d dump another gallon of 10%...
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    Hayward Omnilogic/App connectivity Issues

    Hi Everyone, I've had the pool for over a year now, and the first year was absolutely flawless. Now, everytime I open the app, it shows that it says that the panel has lost connection to the router. I have a router nearby, as well as an outdoor access point about 15 feet away. Sending commands...
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    Hayward OmniLogic iOS App erratic

    Hey everyone, when I opened up the pool this year I noticed that the app had a huge update. All in all the UI was welcoming. I've noticed recently though, that when I start my pump, it goes through prime, and stays on high - if I switch it to medium, the flow is very, very low, and switching it...
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    Salt consumption

    Hi Everyone When I first joined the forum around June, my Hayward panel was reading salt really low, about 2400. Using the pool Calc, it called for about 1.5 bags of salt, I ended up dumping 2 bags in and it was reading around 4000. Since then, it's still reading at 4000. The water is...
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    Hayward Omnilogic / Jandy Valve Actuators

    I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but here goes... Is there any way to set the valves partially? I have 3 valves, and only 2 Jandy actuators. I was told my control panel can only control 2 Jandy Actuators. I would love to be able to set my return valve between spa and pool.
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    Hayward T-cell 3 Flow Questions

    Today I checked my OmniLogic panel and it read 2800 with a constant flow light. My Hayward Tristar 1.75hp was running at low (25%) as I normally have it. I bumped it up to full (100%) and it gave me a proper reading (3700, a little high). My question is, is the T-cell generating at a low...
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    Taylor F2006 / CYA question

    The instructions say to add the mixture until the black dot "just" disappears. Does that mean it immediately disappears? Because when I add a drop, it disappears until it settles, then slightly reappears. Yes, I'm an overthinker.
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    First Test Results - Feedback Appreciated

    Found TFP a week or two ago and have been using test strips until my F2006c came in. Overall pleased with the results, but still looking for feedback as I'm a new pool owner FC 4.8 CC 0.2 PH 7.6 TA 140-150 (light pink vs bright/dark pink) CH 280 CYA 80
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    hello from Fort Worth

    Hello All, first time pool owner. Have a Leisure Fiberglass "Ultimate 35", approx 15k gallons with spa. Started in Jan 2019. Had been just dumping a bag of salt every month for awhile. We didn't lay sod for a long time, so we were constantly vacuuming and I got one of those generic barracuda...
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    Hayward Omnilogic LED Light Problems

    Hello all, first post, new pool owner. Have already learned so much in the few days I've been reading this forum. Have my K2006c coming on Tuesday and excited to fine tune my chemistry. Past week has been amazing with just "guestimating" based on the pool calculator and test strips. Anyhow, I...