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    Hayward's New AquaVac 650 - Filterless Robotic Cleaner

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’d like to hear more about this and offer my assistance. You can reach me directly at [email protected]
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    Hayward motor failed after 3 years

    How Hayward will react is how the motor failed. If a leaking seal left unattended this would be water damage. Private message me if you want to talk.
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    Brand new Hayward Sand Filter leaking from drain plug

    Not sure of the problem, you can call customer service also at 908-355 7995 to speak with a tech - - - Updated - - - SX180LA is the kit for this filter. Cap and oring.
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    Adding Waterfall Pump(Secondary)

    3700GPH is about 60 gpm. Not sure what HP model pump you have, but some may be able to support.
  5. Hayward Pool

    Now the heater.

    I have the same question about power. Normally when the heater lights there is power. Shutting down after a minute could be no flame recognition. You should have a code like IF?
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    Hayward Aqua Rite Repair question

    If you switched cells and the unit is working fine, my guess is the cell needs to be replaced. I sent you a private message to talk over the phone.
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    Heatpump bypass????

    Hi, the check valve is very necessary for tablet feeders but not salt systems. Hayward's and most in the market place that are hooked up correctly do not need the check valve.
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    Hayward Blower motor runs on

    The LO code will also come one when the pump shuts off and the pressure switch opens, this is normal. If the LO is lit when the pump is on one of the switches (pressure, High limit (2) or if indoors the vent pressure switch) is open. Test each one. The blower continually running could be a...
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    Pro Logic Automation Question - Overlapping timers possible?

    This is Hayward, I fully agree with Mass985.
  10. Hayward Pool

    AquaLink Z4 and Hayward TriStar Pump Communication

    There is a way for the two to talk to each other but it is a lot of wiring. It is shown in the manual. I will help you if possible. I sent you a private message.
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    Hayward filter - 39 PSI

    I noticed that you have a caretaker system which means you have pop up heads in the bottom of the pool for cleaning. These sometimes cause higher than what we call normal pressures.
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    Hayward Ecostar not running

    If you powered down and up did a error code show up. I PM'd you with Hayward Contact info.
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    And Another Pool Cleaner Question?

    For information make sure you get the flex style unit. It has a flex vanes on the turbine. Alows for more debris to pass. This is available on all suction cleaners. Just ask. It is called V-Flex.
  14. Hayward Pool

    Flow Switch for Goldline SWG

    I am a little concerned where the pricing is coming from as I went on Amazon and saw a GLX FLO RP for $51.09
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    Hayward Pool Light Goes Dim

    The key is going to be the voltage at the light. If you have 12 volts at the transformer and the light cord is over 50' you may have a transformer problem.
  16. Hayward Pool

    T-Cell Voltage Sensor Short

    What exactly is the unit saying on the screen or what lights a lit up?
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    How is heat in spa mode supposed to work?

    This sounds like a configuration problem within the controller. Sounds like when you put the pool into the spa mode the heater is not enabled to come on as you want. Go through the configuration menu to check. Private message me with phone number if you want a tech to call.
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    Problem controlling gas heater from easytouch system

    Hi There, the heater should also be showing bo mode which is for by-passing the controls on the heater and giving them to the controller. Then it should be in pool or spa mode. refer to the manual for putting it in bo mode.
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    Hayward Pool Vac V-Flex Issue

    Glad this all worked out.
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    Hayward 400FDP 2 months old getting IF (ignition failor) error

    Having a heater technician put a manometer on the gas valve will tell you where the problem lies. Remember, when you add a 400,000 BTU appliance to your house you could be doubling the load on the tank. Most homes have a BTU load of around 175,000 to 250,000 BTU's. We normally recommend...
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    hayward h200ed2 wont ignite

    Check all orifices and burners for spiders.
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    Extra Hayward DE Filter Grids -- 48 sq. ft.

    If you are converting an existing DE filter to a cartridge filter make sure the inlet and outlet are checked as with some models they change.
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    Hayward Superpump 2-speed 230V 1HP wiring help

    You bring in your wiring to the Line 1 and Line 2 lugs and the ground lug for grounding. The switch takes the voltage and transfers it appropriately for high or low speed. If a timer is needed you may want to invest in a two speed timer, there are many on the market. Intermatic is one.
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    Hayward Navigator troubles

    Before taking the unit apart do a turn test first. The twisting of hose can be two things. The unit turning in one direction or the hoses were stored coiled up. If they have been coiled up lay them in the sun to see if they will straighten out. If the hoses have not been coiled the...
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    Spider gasket replacement issues

    That is either a SP0714T or an older 710 or 712 series valve. The SP0714T has the gasket on the puck part and not in the body of the valve. If when you took it apart the gasket was in the body of the valve as shown it is the older valve. The gasket that goes into the body of the valve...
  26. Hayward Pool

    Pentair intelliflo vsf 3hp vs Hayward SP3400VSP

    Not sure how much water the waterfall needs or what pool pump is presently there circulating the water. Knowing what pump is there to work the waterfall will help in making a decision. The Pentair Interllflo is a 3HP impeller and the EcoStar SP3400VSP is a 2HP impeller. Both Pentair and...
  27. Hayward Pool

    Secret to getting spa blower to work in a spa/pool system?

    Not sure what brand of jets you have. Some jets have seals inside that make sure the air and water line are separate. I have see these fail on a jet or get left out and that specific jet will push water into the air line causing some but not all to not work correctly. I noticed that the jet...
  28. Hayward Pool

    salter not wroking

    The Inyo pools TS guide is very good. I would first of all clean the cell as per the manual or our video on YouTube. It the inspect cell and check salt light are still on the most likely culprit is the cell. How old is the cell?
  29. Hayward Pool

    Anyone know Hayward 4 way valve settings?

    Sounds like a SP0740DE four position valve for a Hayward DE filter. Private message your address and I will send a label.