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    BBQ Mat that won't remove/damage Kool Deck

    I just had some concrete replaced, and new Kool Deck applied (2,200 sqft), and I need to find a mat for my grills and smokers to protect it from drippings, but one that won’t remove the Kool Deck it's sitting on. My last one did just that, drippings probably would have been better. Anyone have...
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    Pool cover in box for 4 years, still good?

    When I built my pool I ordered a cover with my equipment. Cover has been sitting in box for 4 years this spring. I've never opened the box. I want the space back in my garage so I'm thinking about selling it. Any chance the cover has deteriorated sitting in the box for 4 years? I'd hate to sell...
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    Spray Deck Blisters Every Year, Any Suggestions?

    Every year my spray deck (Preferred Deck System) blisters. To my contractor's credit, he comes back and fixes it every year (built pool in 2015). First two years he spot fixed. This last year they sanded my entire decking (roughly 2,200 sq ft), treated it, I think they sealed it and reapplied...
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    Pentair 520595 Union Replacement for Salt Cell

    The parts came with no instructions, in looking at it I'm thinking I need to have a plumber come out and cut the old coupling and connector out and install the new one? Coupling developed a crack. Thanks for any guidance here.
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    IC40 Doesn't seem to be producing

    This is my 4th season with my IC40. Unit is well maintained, I remove every fall, clean and install again in spring. All lights are green, IC40 is reading salt level at 4050, based on the number of bags I put in (drained pool/acid washed this spring) it's actually around 3,100. Small bubbles...
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    Trouble with my new Maytronics Dolphin Plus - Pictures Included

    Since my second or third use my new cleaner just hasn't seemed to work right. In-fact I can think of many occasions where I've wished I'd never switched from my Hayward suction vac. After a recent dust storm I'm confident there's something wrong. The pictures are from running 1 full cycle with...
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    How long of extended warranty on robot should one purchase for Robot Cleaner?

    Decided I'm going to purchase the Polaris Nautilus Plus. Unit comes with a two year warranty and I can buy an extended warranty for 2 or 4 additional years from SquareTrade. As a rule I never purchase extended warranties, the credit card I make these types of purchases on extends the warranty by...
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    Moving from suction vac to robot experiences

    Time to replace my tires on my 2.25 yr old (this is 3rd season) Aquanaut 400 (4 wheel unit) and prior to doing so I thought I'd look at moving to a robot and sell my Aquanaut. I like the robot style for several reasons: Dirt doesn't go to pool filter (I do use a leaf canister that catches the...
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    Am I fighting a losing battle - 24 oz of MA a day to keep pH/CSI in check (CH high)

    FC - 5 CC -.5 PH - 7.7 TA - 70 CH - 1000 - 1100 CYA - 80 CSI - .23 Salt - 4000 Water Temp 83 As subject says I seem to be on the losing end of fighting my pH and keeping my CSI in the negative. Is 24 oz a day of MA high? Based on my second year use (last year) after plaster cured for a year it...
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    Outdoor Kitchen/Grilling Area - Pre-Fab or Build One? Input please

    Any thoughts on this topic? Wife and I found nice pre-fab unit that will suit our needs for $12,000. Includes Grill, 12x14 cover, tile counter tops, bar seating for about 6, fridge, two ceiling fans. Not doing a sink as I don't want to mess with the plumbing. My other thought is to do one O/B...
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    Rock in my return

    I noticed there's a rock in one of my returns, I tried removing it but no matter how I position it the return opening is smaller than the rock. I have no idea how it got in there, it wasn't there last season. Any ideas on getting it out? It's only slightly larger than the opening of the "cover"...
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    Strange rust spot appeared on side, no metal around

    So this strange rust spot appeared on the side of my pool, unlike the other rust spot I have on the opposite side of the pool where my landscapers dropped a piece of wire into my pool and didn't reterive it there's no metal around this one. I've brushed it several times but nothing. Any ideas...
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    Dialing in VS Pump RPMs when running solar

    Starting to run solar I had installed back in March on a daily basis and I wonder, how to dial in my VS Pump speed. Installers set it for 2,620 RPM and it's running fine, however, if possible I'd like to dial it down to just above where it needs to be (I'm assuming it's less than where they set...
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    70 MPH Winds in Vegas, cleaned my filters two weeks ago and TONS of dirt in my pool

    Any suggestions on how to get all this dirt in my pool up but not in my filter, I just cleaned the dang thing. By far the most dirt that's ever in my pool. Looks like the entire desert blew into my pool. I have a side vac cleaner with a leave canister, have hairnets that I use in my skimmers...
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    I think I have the start of Black Algae - Black spots on bottom of the pool

    So the other day I noticed I had some small black spots near the pool drains. I thought they were pill bugs as in the spring/summer we get a lot of them and thought when I turned on my vac this week (try and vac pool once a week) and it would pick them up. So pool vac ran today and the spots...
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    Drain Pool after two seasons due to high CH?

    My numbers per my Taylor test kit are as follows: FC - 6 CC - 0 pH - 7.7 TA - 80 CH - 700-750 (I input 725 in pool math) CYA - 50 Salt - 3,800 CSI - -.17 TDS (per pool store) - 500 Per our water district CH from the tap is 300. When I tested with my test kit I get 250, however, I always have a...
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    15 month old pool using 48 - 62 oz of acid a week

    Acid consumption seems high now that plaster (quartzscape) is a year old. Thought I'd post here to confirm. Yesterday's numbers: FC 4 CC .5 pH 7.9 (prior to adding 32 oz of acid I shoot for 7.5) TA 100 CH 400 CYA 70 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Painful Urination and blood after swimming in pool

    NOT LOOKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE. LOOKING TO SEE IF ANYONE HAS HEARD/EXPERIENCED SOMETHING SIMILAR Been dealing with what I think is prostatitis over the past few weeks (have seen Dr. been on Cipro, Bactrim, Medrol Dosepak, blood tests, exam etc.), however, something happened the other day that...
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    Made a friend in the pool store needs help with his water

    I overheard a pool store guy telling this gentleman all the things he needed to buy for his pool to fix his water. He just lost his old pool guy and doesn't have a new one starting until next month so he's trying to maintain it until the new guy starts. He told the clerk helping him to give him...
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    Salt Level - What the heck is going on 3100 to 4390 with one 40 lb bag of salt?!?

    So I installed my salt cell today right after cleaning it with water and MA solution as recommended by Pentair 4 to 1. Before firing-up I added one 40 lb bag of salt because the last time I checked (about two months ago) my salt level it was between 3000 - 3200. Prior to adding the salt I did go...
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    I have two leftover Pentair Compool 263045 180° Actuator, what to do with them

    So I have two Pentair Compool 263045 180° Actuators that are left over from my build. Can't return them for a refund, what should I do with them, sell on CL? What would be a fair price? I think I paid $128 ea.
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    Solar Would you do it again/Is it all that they advertise?

    So I posted on my local City Data website regarding solar asking about a manufacture here in town. I didn't receive a single comment on the manufacture but I received many comments on how crappy solar was, how it won't extend your season at all, how it breaks constantly, leaks, etc. and that I...
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    Am I expecting too much from my Hayward Aquanaut 400 - VIDEO

    This was shot after my Hayward Aquanaut 400 ran for 6 hours. Am I expecting too much in terms of it cleaning the areas it missed in six hours? How long are others running their cleaners? I've had issues with this thing since I bought it looking for feedback and please do tell me if my...
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    Planter Ideas, Landscape bark blew into pool

    Well, the landscape bark sure did look good until the wind blew it all into the pool and all over my decking. Thinking of doing "chunky" decorative rock but thought I'd check here and see if anyone had other ideas for a covering that won't blow into the pool.
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    Walmart Lounge Chairs

    Wife and I really like the deck lounge chairs at Costco ($129 ea) but they're brown and we want more color. Walmart has some that are not of the same quality (Costco is made from Sunbrella) but they have color and are only $69 ea. Anyone have any experience with these? They have webbing but...
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    When would you start floating trichlor to raise CYA for season?

    When would you start raising your CYA for the swim season? Here in Vegas I we'll start swimming beginning of April (today is Feb. 21). I'd like to raise it using trichlor pucks since I have a bucket of them sitting in my garage. When would you start floating them to get to 70 CYA (currently at...
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    Concerns with install solar during winter?

    I'm ready to install my solar but not sure if I should do it while we could still have a couple of days below freezing left this winter. I suppose they would install, test, then could drain, right? Input greatly appreciated!
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    Trichlor pucks or bleach in winter months

    My pool is remaining "open", I've removed my SWG for the winter and I'm trying to decide whether or not to use bleach to maintain my FC (btw, do I need to maintain it at the same level as during the summer?) or use Trichlor pucks. My only concern with the pucks is raising my CYA so high that...
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    Skimmer and side vac filters

    Figured this was the right place for this if not mods feel free to move: After one season of using our pool I'm compliling a list of things I would have done differently and I can tell you putting planters right next to my pool is slowly rising near the top. Had a wind storm blow through over...
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    For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    Now that I seem to have dialed in my chemicals and seem to be able to predict the amount of MA needed on a daily basis I've gone to testing FC, CC and pH every other day. During off season does anyone alter their testing schedule? I still run a full run of testing every Saturday.