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    Rising Calcium Hardness

    The CH in my 2,500-gallon in-ground spa has a tendency to creep upward over time (from about 250 to 375ppm in 3 months). I try to keep the level in the 200 - 400ppm range. Since we do not have hard water, I am curious what might be the cause. The chemistry is checked & balanced weekly & the spa...
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    Pentair Pump Suddenly Stopped Working

    I have a Pentair Variable Speed Intelliflo pump that suddenly stop working. I tried to start the pump through the Pentair Easy Touch control panel as well as with the SpaSide buttons with no luck. Finally I switch the Easy Touch panel to Service mode so that I could start the pump directly from...
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    Heater Cycling Before Reaching Set Temperature

    My in-ground spa is run with Pentair equipment. The water temperature is set to 98F. I noticed today that when the temperature reached 96F, the heater shuts off. After about 30 seconds, it fires back up for about 20 seconds & then shuts off again. This cycle repeats itself without the water...
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    Covered or Uncovered?

    I am SLAMming my spa. During the process, can I safely leave the spa covered? Thank you.
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    Water Turnover Cycle

    I have a curious question. Based on a specific speed (rpm) of a Pentair Variable Speed pump, is there a way to determine the amount of time it takes for the total volume of water in a 2,500-gallon spa to complete one turnover cycle? Thank you.
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    Spiking FC

    With cooler ambient temperatures & less use, the level of FC went from 4.5 ppm to 10 ppm in my saltwater spa. Thus, I decreased the spa runtime from 6 hrs. to 2 hrs. & disabled the SWCG. Much to my surprise the level of FC spiked to 22.5 ppm in one week. With the SWCG disabled, no liquid...
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    General FC Question

    I'm trying to figure out why the FC level in my in-ground spa is dropping. My IntelliChlor SWCG runs for 2 hours/day (@ 1800 rpms) with the output percentage set at 25%. The 2500-gallon spa is covered with an auto cover. Over the past week, I have added liquid chlorine to bump the FC level to 3...
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    High pH - Normal?

    Seems like whenever I check the pH level in my spa each week I notice that the pH level is 8.2 ppm. With a target of 7.4 ppm, I naturally add the appropriate amount of acid. The next time I check the pH it's back up to 8.2 ppm. Is this normal? I might add: (1) the spa is covered, (2) it is...
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    Optimal Run Time

    I have a general question. I have a PentAir IntelliFlo variable speed 3-HP pump. I am curious as to how long the pump would have to run at 1800 rpm for one complete exchange of water in a 2.350-galon spa? Is there is a basic flow rate to calculate this? Finally, is there a recommended number of...
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    PentAir EasyTouch 4 Question

    This is a rather remedial question, but I want to be sure that my thinking is correct. My in-ground spa is controlled by a PentAir EasyTouch4 control panel. I have designated 2 circuits: (1) the SPA circuit for spa use & (2) the POOL circuit for automatic daily filtration & chlorine generation...
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    Adding Chemicals to Refilled Spa

    I have just drained & refilled my 2,360 gallon in-ground spa. A few quick questions: 1. Since the daytime air temperature is around 40F, would it be advisable to turn on the heater as the first step? 2. Should the water circulate a while prior to adding any chemicals? 3. Is there a...
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    Rising FC Level

    Can someone please explain a rising level of FC. On Oct. 19, with FC=11, I turned off the SWCG. (My target is 5-6 ppm). I assumed that the FC level had been creeping up due to falling ambient temperatures, a lesser UV effect & minimal use of the spa. By Dec. 10, the FC level fell to 6. But on...
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    Freeze Protection & SWCG

    I have programmed my EasyTouch4 control panel to run the pump for 4 hours/day for general filtration & chlorine generation. During that time, the SWCG produces chlorine for 10% of the runtime. However, now that the nighttime temperatures are falling below 35F, the freeze protection feature...
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    Are Air Bubbles Normal?

    I noticed that whenever the circulation pump in my in-ground spa is running (& the blower is off), there are air bubbles coming out of one of the 5 jets. The other 4 jets are flowing water, but no visible air bubbles. Is this normal? Thank you for help. Kit
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    Is This Typical?

    I have noticed that the pH level in my spa tends to creep up over a one-week period ( from 7.6 70 8.2). Daytime ambient temperatures are around 45-50F. Although the covered spa temperature is kept between 70-80F, it hasn't been used lately. Is this increase in the pH level typical? Thank you.
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    ?Curiosity Question?

    Due to a concern that the salt level in my in-ground spa might be decreasing (possible leak or inaccurate testing?), I was advised to monitor the salt level with the heater off for one month. I am curious about this recommendation. What effect might maintaining a heated spa have on the salt...
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    Lowering FC

    After refilling my spa & balancing the chemistry, I noticed after several days that the FC rose from 6 to 11. I assumed that this was possibly due to several factors: 1. The spa was not being used since the refill, 2. The spa remained covered, 3. The ambient air temperature was around 55F...
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    Recommendations on Pump Speeds?

    I have an in-ground 2,500-gallon, saltwater spa with an IntelliFlo VS pump. I have set up the EasyTouch4 control panel with 2 pump circuits: (1) "Pool circuit" for general filtration & chlorine generation & (2) "Spa circuit" for when the spa is in use. The PB initially set up the pump speeds as...
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    Blue Stains on Plaster Surface

    Having drained our in-ground gunite, saltwater spa for a pressure test, I noticed that the white plaster has faded bluish stains on all the surfaces. What might be the cause? Can it be easily removed now that the spa is empty? BTW, the spa is about 6 months old. Thank you.
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    Scaling on Tile

    After draining our in-ground spa (to pressure test for a possible leak), I noticed some white scaling on the tile surfaces. Although the deposits were easily removed with a ScotchBrite pad, the spa builder said that this was likely due to either too high of a salt level or a calcium issue...
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    Underground Leak or Evaporation?

    Earlier in the summer I posted a concern of a possible leak in my in-ground spa. The "bucket test", however, suggested that no leak was obvious. Over a 40-day period, I kept a log of the water level in the spa with the auto fill OFF & the cover in place except for about 1 hour daily. The total...
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    Winter Recommendation for In-Ground Spa

    As a new spa owner, I am starting to think about the winter months. Here in southern Oregon the average low temperatures from December through March tend to average 30-35℉ with average daytime highs in the 50s℉. Of course there can be those occasional nights when the temperature can dip into...
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    Beginner's Question Re: SWG

    I currently have the circulation pump running for 3 hours daily for general filtration & chlorine generation. The SWG is set at 20%. That seems to stabilize the level of FC quite well. Maybe about once a week the level of FC drops to about 3 (from my target of 4). It seems easy just to add some...
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    Taylor K-1766 Refills Available?

    Does anyone know if the R-0718 silver nitrate reagent is available separately from Can't seem to find it on their website. Thank you.
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    Normal Evaporation?

    I have been monitoring the water level in my in-ground spa daily for the past 25 days with the auto fill off & the auto cover on (except as noted below). The reason? To rule out a possible leak. The results thus far are as follows: Day 1 - 20: water level: -5/8" (air temperature = 85 -...
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    Basic Chlorine Question

    I was a bit negligent in checking my FC level. Today the water was cloudy for the first time. Added the appropriate amount of liquid chlorine to bring the FC level from 0 to 4. Question: Roughly, how long will it generally take for the water to return to clarity in a 2,500 gallon spa with the...
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    Differences in Salt Level Readings

    I have been monitoring the salt level in my spa on a daily basis as part of my data gathering to address another issue. I have been comparing the readout from the IntelliChlor SWG to the drop test results from the Taylor kit. As indicated below, there have been some significant deviations...
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    Quick Question on Disconnecting SWG

    I want to clean my IntelliChlor IC20 SWG for the first time. The instructions in the manual are quite straightforward. However, in addition to disconnecting the power cable from the SWG to the EasyTouch 4 control panel, the manual says to cut the AC power from the control panel as well. Is this...
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    Spike in SWG Readout

    I have an IntelliChlor SWG for my in-ground spa. Today I noticed that the readout on the EasyTouch 4 control panel spiked from 3,200 ppm yesterday to 3,950 ppm today. For the past month the readout indicated a salt level between 3,000 - 3,400 ppm consistently. The IntelliChlor was installed...
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    Leak in Saltwater Spa?

    Before I contact my spa builder, I wanted to do a bit of sleuthing on my own to determine if I likely have a water leak in my in-ground saltwater spa (2,200 gal.). Since the spa was built & filled about 4 months ago, I have been adding about 10 lbs. of salt every 2 weeks to maintain a level of...